Scott Brown

The Man who can stop Obamacare.

My Internet server is down. I’m getting emails, but I can’t send.  It may be two or three days before they get it fixed. Oh, the joys of the Internet.

The Great State of Massachusetts is getting ready to vote in a man for the US Senate who drives a pickup truck.  In today’s polls he is leading Martha Coakley by 9.6% in some and down to 6.3% in others.  Mr. Obama came to town Sunday and he and Coakley couldn’t fill Boston Hall.  Had Sarah Palin come to town there would have been people standing in the aisles.  The president has lost his luster.  In his speech he blamed Bush and made fun of Scott Brown driving a pickup truck. This is the elitist in him. How dare a guy in a pickup truck run for Teddy’s seat?  Scott Brown has turned the snob back in their faces. He told the folks it’s not Kennedy’s seat, this Senate seat belongs to you, the people.

The Democrat Mayor of one Kentucky county in coal country says, “Obama couldn’t beat Charles Manson in a race down here.”  Obama went to Copenhagen and failed. He went to the Olympics and failed. He helped in New Jersey and Virginia and lost. I think he is going to lose in Massachusetts. His visit stirred no one. All it did was make it look like Martha Coakley is tied to Washington.  She really hurt her chances when she went to Washington DC for a fund raiser. The people in that great state are independent minded and they don’t want Washington telling them what to do.

We have all been praying for God to step in and save this healthcare mess. Could it be He heard our humble prayers and found Scott Brown for us. Brown gives the Republicans 41 votes, enough for a filibuster. He can be the one who blocks healthcare. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are about to have a screaming fit tomorrow night when Scott Brown wins.  If you live in the state make sure you vote, haul some like minded people to the polls. No vote you make will ever mean more.



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