The Five Worst US Presidents

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

This is not easy, we have had a lot of weak and bad presidents. Picking the five worst was a challenge.  I had far too many to select from.

1. Jimmy Carter sits at the top of the list of worst presidents ever.  In four years the peanut farmer almost destroyed our country. Not only did he drive unemployment out of sight, inflation and interest rates were insane. 22% interest is staggering.  His foreign policies were weak.  The enemy saw him as a pantywaist.  They didn’t see the brave man we knew, a man brave enough to fight off a cotton tail rabbit swimming in the water.  The rabbit came to be known as the “Killer Rabbit.”  In truth the rabbit was simply trying to get to the other side of the water before a snake had him for lunch. Jimmy Carter told the truth.

He is working hard to become #1 on my list of worst presidents.

2. Barack Obama is currently number two, but I’ve got to give him credit, he is gaining on Carter.  True unemployment is really 17.3%.  The government tells us 10% but it’s much higher.  He is printing money as fast as the printers will work. Inflation has started to creep up and by this time next year it will be approaching the Carter years. Obama is already weaker on foreign policies than Carter. No one respects us since Mr. Obama has visited their countries.  I should say NO leaders. Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to know the truth.  He is a young Woodrow Wilson.

3. My fellow Texan, Lyndon Johnson. He gave us the Great Society that we are still paying for. Johnson wanted people on welfare so they would turn to the government for help. It was the Republicans who pushed through the Civil Rights bill. LBJ knew not to run again. Obama needs to heed what LBJ did.

4. Woodrow Wilson…the  One World Order president. He was our most educated president, having a doctorate degree. He was a progressive and started more big government programs than I can name, but I will mention a few. The Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Trades Commission and the Federal Farms Act.  He did serve during World War I and negotiated peace. People back then didn’t want bigger government and people today don’t want bigger government. We want freedom from government. The government which governs less, governs best.

5. John Tyler. He was pushed into office when Harrison died four weeks in to his term. Tyler could easily be at the top, but he did bring about the annexation of  Texas in to the United States. I have to give him a little credit for that. He was told by his party not to run again. Harrison was the hero of Tippecanoe where he single-handed killed a famous Indian Chief. Their slogan was Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!

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