Scott Brown and his pickup truck.

We of so little faith. I’m the first to admit my hope of stopping health care had waned. I wore out the knees in two pair of Wranglers from praying. I wondered at times if God was listening to my pleas for Him to intercede. At the 11th hour before the midnight bell rang, He gave us Scott Brown. Now the playing field is level and we have a solid chance to defeat this socialist health care bill.  My faith in Christ Jesus my Lord was never shaken, but I felt my direct line to the Father had been cut. I’m sure many of you reading this blog had been thinking the same thing. You have callouses on your knees from prayer.  We all wrote letters, sent faxes, did emails, made phone calls and many of you reading this blog went the extra mile. You went to Washington DC and confronted the liberals face to face. Those who seem to want to wreck our great nation.

Most of the time when God performs a miracle it’s not like those in the movie and we ordinary folks don’t see His handiwork. But without question Scott Brown’s election is a clear-cut miracle.  Two months ago he was down 30% in the polls.  Three weeks ago he was still down 20%.  He came out of nowhere to take on the political machine and run against a popular Attorney General. She got 80% of the vote when she ran for AG.  Brown ran a clean race. On the other side Martha Coakley got down and dirty with her ads and speeches. Brown stayed on the high road.  Martha brought in the big guns from Washington DC and Brown relied on locals to help him. He was up against a pure Democrat state. No Republican has won the Senate since the 6oies. And this is the seat Ted Kennedy held forever.

Brown drives a GM pickup truck with over 200,000 miles on it. Obama and Kerry made fun of his truck. While waiting for Scott to speak, the crowd was shouting, “Gas up the truck. Gas up the truck. Gas up the truck.”  He told them, “I put gas in the truck this morning and I’m driving it to Washington.”

Last night on Greta (Fox) she opined about him giving the rebuttal address to Obama’s State of the Union speech. Her guest said there was no question Brown will be asked, but he may not do it. He ran as an Independent Republican. He may not want to disappoint his Independent base by appearing too Republican.

We now have what I never dreamed possible. We have 41 votes and can filibuster the Senate health care bill. All of us were praying some Democrat like Ben Nelson would be a man of honor and say no, but when the money was dangled in front of him Nelson sold out his state. He will pay the price of a traitor when he is up for election. When he goes in restaurants in Nebraska the customers ask him to leave. They don’t even want him in the same room with them.

I had my plan and God had His. Once more He proved He knows more than me. (smile)  Folks, this like a local high school football team playing Payton Manning and the NFL Colts…and the school kids winning. This is how big the upset is. This is beyond words to express, all I know to say is, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


He just heard the news Scott Brown won.


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