George and Laura

Miss this guy yet?  I darn sure do.

A friend from Killeen, where Ft. Hood is located, told me an interesting story. One you won’t see on the evening news.  President Bush and Laura were in Dallas when they heard the news of the Muslim Terrorist killing 13 and wounding 40 brave American service people. Mr. Bush asked Laura to join him. They got in his car without an escort and headed south. When they arrived unannounced at Ft. Hood front gate the officer at the gate was shocked.  He asked Mr. Bush if he needed an escort. Mr. Bush told him no, he only need to know where the wounded were.  He asked the officer not tell any reporters.

As you remember there was a photo of George and Laura in the room of a wounded soldier. That was taken by a member of the soldier’s family.  Bush wouldn’t allow reporters to follow them. He and Laura visited with the wounded and then with the families of those killed.  The General of the base sought Mr. Bush out and offered to provide protection. George said no, he was okay and wanted no attention drawn to his visit.

After George and Laura were on base for six hours the Obama White House called and asked them to leave. George and Laura got back in their car and drove home to Dallas without an escort.

Obama came down a few days later, had a photo opt and spoke.  He never visited the wounded at the hospital.  I think this story is pretty telling of which man loves the military and why the military loves President Bush so much.

We have three more years and then we can elect someone who loves our military like Bush did.  But first we need to clean out the mess in Washington and this November elect strong, God-loving people who love America and will stand for all of us.  Email:


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