Busy Guy

I would normally have said busy boy, but some on the left would have screamed I’m a racist. Frankly, I’ve had it with the Politically Correct bunch. They have destroyed our normal way of speaking. I have been reading a book on President James Polk. What struck me is Polk only left the White House one day his first year in office. He got up early to walk on the White House grounds and on Sundays he went to church. But other than that he was in the White House working.

What a contrast Polk is to our current president.  Chew on this.  In Obama’s first full year in office he did 158 interviews.  I was taken back when I saw those figures.  Add to this his 411 speeches and remarks. He flew on Marine One  (helicopter) 194 times, then toss in 28 Fund Raisers. My goodness, when did he have time to do any work?  It’s a secret how many golf games he played or how many basketball games in the White House Gym.  From what I understand he plays golf almost every week.  Pick up basketball games several times a week.  Then there is the issue of 60 trips on Air Force One.  One of you on the left please tell me when does Obama have time to run our country?  Remember he was playing golf when he was told of the Diaper Bomber almost disaster. He got the message and continued to play golf.

I’m from the country and don’t know much, but I know enough that if I ranched like he governs I would be bankrupt. Could his not being in his office be one of the reasons our country is in such bad shape?  I would like to re-do my list of the top five worst presidents. After learning the above news, Obama has gone to the top of the list. At least Jimmy Carter worked. He was in the White House turning out lights and micro managing everything.  Carter drops to number 2 on my list.

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