Sarah and the RINO

Sarah Palin, the voice of the people.

I have received several emails from my readers complaining about Sarah Palin going to Arizona to give John McCain her support. Questions like: What will the 9-12 and TEA PARTY people think of her?  They should think what a person of honor she is to stand by the man who gave her a chance. Without John McCain none of us would have known much about her. I had only read one article on her and probably would not have thought of her again. The national news was not going to cover Sarah from Wasilla, Alaska. John McCain pulled her from the frozen tundra up to the National Stage. What kind of trash would she have been to refuse to help the man who gave her a leg up? He did more than that, John gave her a National platform so her voice could be heard.  Down here in Texas we don’t do well with fair weather friends.

I frankly don’t give a tinkers damn what the 9-12ers and TEA Party people say. She did the right thing.  I only voted for McCain because he was less of a socialist than the other guy. The media helped pick the Republican candidate, like they did with Dole. I do know the 9-12 bunch was interested in Sarah running on their ticket. You can forget about that. She is a pretty smart girl and knows a third-party is a bad thing. It would get Obama reelected and that is why if she runs it will be as a Republican. This is a two-party country. Never forget, Ross Perot running as a third-party candidate got Bill Clinton elected.

There is something Americans have lost and that is loyalty. When Sarah shows some loyalty you get upset like she committed an unpardonable sin. Sarah sees John McCain as a war hero and respects his stand for security and strong support of our military. I wouldn’t respect her if she got ‘too important’ to help the one man who saw something special about her. Sarah Palin is greatly admired on the Cooper Ranch. She is coming to Texas to help Rick Perry and going to travel with Michael Bachmann on her campaign.

I think the only way she runs in 2012 is if we the people draft her into service. I think she is enjoying being an independent voice and being a thorn in the Democrat’s side. Get off your high horse and realize she is doing the honorable thing in speaking with John at some rallies.  Haywood, who is running against John, is down 29 points in that race. Haywood has resigned his talk radio post, but just remember he is no Scott Brown and McCain is not Coakley.  McCain has moved to the center right. If you listened to his recent speeches he is sounding like Ronald Reagan.  It’s worked for Obama and I suspect it will work for McCain.


A Texas Granny locked and loaded


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