Ellie Light

I had planned to ignore the Ellie Light story, but it keeps hanging around.  Drudge broke the story last week, but I thought I would pass on making any comments; however, it’s still dangling around like a Florida Chad. There is a fictional letter being sent to newspapers all over the country and each one is signed by Ellie Light. Ellie is a pro. “She” says “she” is  from the area the newspaper is located.  For San Francisco Ellie is from Daily City, in New Jersey “she” is from a local community, same with New Mexico and a myriad of other states. She comes off as a local woman concerned about the unfair treatment the president is getting in the news. She speaks of how hard he is working and how it’s not his fault president Bush left things in such a mess.

The letter is of professional quality. It’s good enough that newspapers want to run it, including USA Today.  The letter doesn’t gush too much, it really sounds like a little blue haired woman who is protecting her president and wanting people to know he is working 36 hours a day to solve the problems left by the previous administration. Several think it’s the work of David Axelrod or someone in the White House. To date Ellie Light has been published in over 50 newspapers.

Why don’t we have an Ellie Light telling what a real mess the country is in under this president? Why don’t one of you become Millie Wright?  Send your letter to three hundred newspapers telling the truth.

What Ellie fails to say is the president gave a speech to 30 sixth graders in the DC area.  He used two teleprompters to address the classroom.  There he stood with two towering teleprompters on each side.  He was stiff as a board as he talked down to the children. I couldn’t help contrast the photo of George Bush sitting in a chair in Sarasota and reading the story of a goat to those children. He sat and continued to read as if nothing happened after being notified of the first Tower being hit. His Secret Service was scanning the school grounds to make sure it was safe for him to leave. The Secret Service feared for the president’s life, not knowing how wide the plot was. When all was clear Bush stood and without a teleprompter thanked the kids for listening. He was immediately taken to Air Force One where they flew him to Nebraska.  I wonder how Ellie Light would have covered the Bush story.

Exit question. Would you need a teleprompter to speak to a sixth grade class?

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