There has been a lot of talk about the Democrats shoving the health care bill through with a trick known as reconciliation. This is a special process used to pass tax stuff. It’s not meant for things like the Obamacare bill. Before Christmas Harry Reid, the big dog in the Senate, swore he would go this route. They would only need 51 votes to pass Obamacare in the Senate with reconciliation

Yesterday Blanch Lincoln, Senator from Arkansas, and Evan Bayh, of Indiana, said they would block all efforts for a reconciliation vote. These are Democrats who are in tight races for their seats. Criss Dodd, who is not going to run again, said we need to back off Obamacare and Democrat Jim Webb, Senator from Virginia, said we need to slow down and let the dust settle before we try to move forward.  Other Democrats are saying we need to scrap the mess we have and start again, this time include the Republicans. Trust me, Scott Brown’s victory has scared the pants off the Democrats.

The Republicans have promised to clog up the reconciliation bill if the Democrats try. They will keep adding on foolish and outlandish amendments that all have to be voted on. This could go on for a year and Harry Reid knows this.  I won’t be so bold to say the Obamacare bill is dead but it is bloody and bruised, sprawled out on Nancy Pelosi’s office floor.  I don’t think they can resuscitate this horrible piece of legislature. We can’t get cocky, we have to keep our eyes open and be ready to immediately get back into action should that trio try another dirty trick.

Too bad, I’ll be busy and won’t get to hear Mr. Obama’s spin on how right of Ronald Reagan he has become.  I’ll be watching two Television shows, Friday Night Lights and Leverage as I dabble in oil paints.  I know I’ll miss hearing the president say me, my, I and mine 140 times.



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