Working Man’s Boots painted by Will Cooper

The new administration has called on all of “we the people” to be willing to sacrifice.  Most of us are sacrificing but not of our own accord, we just simply don’t have the income. The true unemployment figures are 17.5% and many of those with jobs are underpaid.  I know my income has dropped. Feed is higher, beef prices are down and we are fighting all sorts of ways the government wants to tax our industry.  I wouldn’t mind sacrifice if I saw some at the top. When Michelle Obama can spend $450 on afternoon snacks when in New York, staying in a suite that we are paying for, why should the rest of the country suffer?  America doesn’t have Kings and Queens.  With all of Jimmy Carter’s faults he didn’t waste the tax payers’ money. He was frugal and so was Nixon.

Let’s look at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. 106 House and Senate Members and their families went over to take part in the scam. Almost every day a new piece of evidence is produced showing the data was faked to make it look like we have Global Warming.  15 Democrats and, I’m sad to say, 6 Republicans went over and spent $4,406 each for two nights in the hotel. That’s right, $2,200 per night.  I paid $200 for my hotel room in Santa Fe and thought it was a rip off.  I’m sure that group didn’t fast the two nights they were there. I wonder what they spent on food?  Total cost of hotel rooms and hospitality suites? A cool $400,000.  But it’s our money so it doesn’t matter.

To get there they flew commercial at government rates. Fifty nine members of the House and Senate staff flew over, the cost of their seats ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 each.  Total $408,064. Getting the president, Nancy and Harry over cost more than I can calculate. We had to take three fighter Jets for protection. The president took about 60 people with him. Now that guy knows how to sacrifice.  In all they took about 165 people at your and my expense.  No wonder they are saying , “Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can. We have an unlimited bank account to party on.”

And the government wonders why “we the people” don’t trust them?


The president and his teleprompters Jan. 19th addressing a 6th grade class.


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