Expect This

It’s Bush’s fault.

The Democrats have a plan of attack this fall. They have issued a memo on how to deal with conservative candidates. They have a series of trap words that are meant to confuse and ‘out’ the conservative for the bigot he/she is. 

For example they are to ask, “do you believe Obama is a US citizen?”  If you answer no you are branded a ‘birther’.   Being called a birther is akin to being called a serial killer. When asked this trap question return with a question. “Did you have to show a doctor certified birth certificate to play youth sports? Do you think anyone running for office should prove as much as kids in youth sports do?”  You can also counter with, “Do you think the American people have a right to see his college records and know who paid for his expensive tuitions?” 

Their questions are similar to asking, do you still beat your wife?  If you answer with either a yes or no you are screwed.  This is the brain child of Robert Menendez, a Democrat smart guy. He said he wants to drive a wedge between the moderate Republicans and the TEA Party crowd.  Is this guy ever out of touch?  The TEA Party is not a Republican movement. It’s filled with Libertarians, Independents, Democrats tired of the press for a bigger government and higher taxes with a few Republicans tossed in.  I’ve been to enough TEA Party meetings to know Robert doesn’t have a clue.  What he doesn’t understand, we conservatives don’t want to support RINO’s.  We will help him drive that wedge. We are tired of liberals calling themselves Republicans. By the way, I’m Independent and have been all my adult life. I mostly vote Republican because they are closer to what I believe. I believe we need less government, lower taxes and the freedoms that made this country great.

Another wedge question,  “do we think Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs?” Of course I’m from the country, but if my memory is correct we pay money to the government for years and when we get old they dole a little of it back.  Having used our money to draw interest for 40 years or longer before we see a penny. Same goes for people on Medicare. They have already paid the government year on top of year when they were working. The government is giving us nothing, simply paying us some of OUR money back.

His big hammer question is, ” should we be on the gold standard?” Give me a break. There probably is not enough gold in the world to back up our $14 Trillion debt. Turn the question and ask the asker, “where would we get the gold?” I would answer that question with this one. “Why did FDR take us off the gold standard in 1933?”  He wanted to print more money and the constrains of the dollar being backed by gold was holding him back. You can thank the Democrats and Roosevelt for destabilizing our dollar.

Welcome their trick questions by asking them a question in return. The best advice I can give is answer a stupid trick question with a well thought out one of your own. 

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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