Healing Difference

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Those of you who are new to my blogs won’t know about the old rancher who grabs me every time I go eat at the local Dairy Queen.  I had dodged him recently, but he caught me yesterday.  “Will”, he shouted the moment I opened the front door of the DQ. So I ordered my food and went back to where he and his buddies were holding court. “Did I tell you the difference between Republicans and Democrats?” 

“Not that I can remember.”

“Well, a Republican in a wheelchair wheeled into the local eating joint and looked around. He asked the girl waiting on him, is that Jesus in at the corner table?  She told him yes. He asked her to bring two cups of coffee, one for him and one for Jesus.”

A crippled Libertarian limped in and asked the same question. She answered him yes. He told her to bring him a cup of hot tea and one for Jesus.

The third man was a Democrat on crutches. He plopped down at the bar and asked for a draft beer. Then he spotted Jesus in the corner and told the lady to put another one on his tab for Jesus.

When Jesus started to leave he stopped and thanked the Republican in the wheelchair for his kindness. Then Jesus touched the cripple and made him whole. Out the door the Republican went shouting with joy.

Next was the Libertarian, Jesus blessed and healed him.

Jesus then turned to the Democrat at the bar. The Democrat jumped back and shouted, “DON’T TOUCH ME. I’M COLLECTING DISABILITY!” 

I TIVOed the president’s speech last night and looked at some of it early this morning. I saw an angry, frightened man. A man who has lost control. He can no longer move mountains with his words. Even the Democrats are turning on him. He has unified the Republicans and divided his own party.  I scanned the Internet this afternoon (evening) and was amazed at the number Democrats who are running from him. They want to put distance between themselves and their president. One moment the president is wanting to stop spending and on the other he has increased the debt by $1.9 Trillion.  That is shockingly close to 2 Trillion. Was it 9 Billion he and Harry want to spend on fast railroads?  Toss is a few more billion for education. He is still pushing Cap and Trade and Obamacare.  Instead of going to the center, last night the president went Howard Dean left.

I love the pictures below. Janet slept through the speech and Harry nodded off. When it was so boring it put his key people to sleep, what can I say?   Email: willcooper@senkarik.com



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