Ross Perot

I fear another Ross Perot.

My fear is there is another Ross Perot, third-party candidate,  lurking in the dark, plotting and gathering supporters.  He may not reveal him/herself until next year. His ambitions are being fed by Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, who think we need a third-party. He/she sees themselves as that person who is going change Washington. When they see the low poll numbers of the president and that not one Republican has stepped forward to grab the cape only feeds his/her ego.  When they are out to dinner, people come to him/her and feed their ego,  “We need you to clean up that mess in Washington.”  This next Ross Perot might be mega rich or they think they can pull in great sums of money.  They watched Scott Brown bring in a million dollars in one day over the Internet and this gives them hope that they can play the money game with the Democrats and Republicans in 2012.

When the rumblings start that we have a second Ross Perot third-party candidate, Beck and Jones will be elated. The new Ross will take that as a sign the American people need him. He will do the Beck and Jones shows and build his already inflated ego.

The Republican candidate will cringe. He will know he is doomed. A well-financed, new Ross Perot, third party candidate with a TEA Party message will garner 20% of the popular vote. Obama will hold on to his 42% and the Republican will end up with 38% of the vote.  The new Ross Perot will be giving a concession speech to Obama and calling the Republican to tell him/her they ran a good race at the end of Election Night. The new Ross may even get 22% and pull the Republican down to 36%, but he will not dent the rock solid 42% Obama has locked up: Unions, ACORN and 95% of the black vote, plus the Kool-Aid drinkers like the liberal kids I hear from all the time.

If you  are stupid enough to think a third-party candidate is the answer, may God help us. It is just going to make sure we have 4 more years of a do nothing leader. Wait a minute, he is not a do nothing leader, he is killing the America we love. We have a good shot in 2012 to vote Obama out and put  a conservative leader in his place. But not if we have a new Ross Perot decide to muddy the waters. I encourage you to do all in your power to stop the next Ross Perot, third party candidate.


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