Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I love magic shows. I always go to at least one each time I’m in Las Vegas.  I saw David Copperfield in San Antonio. Then last year there was a series of television shows showing how all the tricks were performed. I was disappointed to learn that pretty girl was not cut in half and that the elephant didn’t vanish, it was an illusion.

Listening to the president speak the other night I felt like I was back in Las Vegas seeing Lance Burton. The president said he gave tax cuts to 95% of the American people. Do you believe him or is it an illusion?  I know no one who got a tax cut. Maybe that was an ooops on his part.  He had his fingers crossed.

He looked with eyes of anger into the camera and said with a straight face, “The two years of recession are over.”  That’s great news. Now we need to let the Nation know so they will start spending. The past two weeks the stock market has been going down, down, down. One day it was up 12 points.  December retail sales had a loss for the first time in 30 years. Home sales are down and foreclosures are up. Auto sales are in the tank and people don’t have jobs.  Do you think the president was honest when he said the recession is over?

Here is what was the biggest illusion of the night. He said he has created jobs for 2 million people. Then why are we still over 10% unemployed nationwide? This statement destroyed all credibility for the night.

He made a lot of promises, but unlike the magic people he didn’t deliver.  The first time I saw Sigfried and Leroy (Roy for you with no sense of humor) they made a white tiger vanish. They first promised what they were going to do and then they did it. The president promised and we are still waiting.

He promised to do the healthcare bill on C-Span for the world to see. He promised this at least 8 times.

No more earmarks. He allowed 10,000 to pass through the Porkulus Bill.  He is worse than Bill Clinton. Bill would never have been this bold. I never thought I’d say it but I miss Bill Clinton.

He would read the healthcare bill line by line with any member of Congress who asked. Then when asked he didn’t even answer their letters or return phone calls.

He was going to close Gitmo…get the troops out of Iraq…find and kill Osama…and lower the oceans. The last one I can forgive him on. He just got a little carried away. In fact I forgive him on all these I just mentioned, but not his saying he lowered taxes on 95% of the people, put 2 million to work and the recession is over.  And he wonders why his approval is falling faster than stock in lighten rods?



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