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The Coffee Party

February 28, 2010

I was able to find this photo of the typical left-wing, Coffee Party member.

The Coffee Party is a day late and I suspect a dollar short. There is a weak attempt by the left to copy-cat the Tea Party movement.  Some young girl got the idea to rebuke the Tea Party movement by posting messages about forming a Coffee Party that would stand diametrically across from the conservative Tea Party. She has had several people respond in a positive manner, asking to be part of her group.  From my lips to your ears, they will amount to nothing.  They may have a few rallies, but there is no passion or anger that is driving ‘we the people’ to the Tea Party movement.  We have millions of people who are part of the spontaneous Tea Party Movement.  But Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi says we are not real.  Just wait till November Mrs. Pelosi and see.

I’ve seen the anti Tea Party rallies.  Most of them are ACORN people or paid Union Thugs sent out to disrupt. The Union Thugs use professionally produced silk-screen signs.  Whereas the real movement is making their own cardboard signs. Millions of people who never marched or protested are now in the fight. I don’t agree with Tea Party Members making Obama is a NAZI signs and such. Let’s be civil.  Obama is not going to murder millions of people.

Arnold, the governor of California, (I can’t come close to spelling his last name) is saying the Tea Party will fizzle out in a month or so. Arnold is a RINO of the most liberal leaning. He is supporting Obama and his liberal spending.  It came to me, Arnold has been sleeping with a Kennedy for a lot of years.  It was stupid of California to think he was conservative. Arnold and the Democrat Congress have bankrupt the most prosperous state in the Union. Arnold is begging Obama for $25 Billion in bail out money. Things are so bad in California that they have dog catchers driving around to find dogs without a tag.  Those owners will be forced to pay a heavy fine.  Instead of cutting the budget Arnold and the rest of the liberals in Sacramento continue to spend and spend.  There is no restraint whatsoever among California leaders.  I say God Bless you great Americans who live in the beautiful state of California. Unless you vote out the liberals and add fiscal conservatives this November your state will go bankrupt and America will follow.

Don’t  make the mistake of thinking the worst is over for America.  There won’t be any real jobs until we change the base in Washington. Almost 70% of ‘we the people’ want Obama to scrap the monstrous healthcare bill and start over, but he is so insecure he is going to keep on trying to shove a failed bill through.  He can’t stand the thought of having to let the Republicans have some credit in writing a bill that lowers insurance rates and is not a burden to the budget.  He had rather jam through the bill filled with bribes and kickbacks, that takes your ability to deal directly with your doctor away and cuts Medicare $500 billion dollars.  This means that old person needing a hip replaced will be up the creek without a paddle.

So bring on the Coffee Party…we tea sippers will crush you.  Our people are fighting to save America and you are trying to make a failed president look good. I want to warn the Democrat lemmings, vote for the Nuclear Option where only 51 Senators have to affirm and you will be out of a job this November. Even if Obama appoints you to an Ambassador post that won’t last but two years.  Obama will be gone in 2012.  Go on and form your Coffee Parties and see where it gets you.  The Tea Party is like a snowball, which is rolling down a steep sloop and  it’s gaining size as it picks up speed.  You ain’t seen nothing yet. I don’t know about you, I’m ready for November.   O, by the way, it’s Schwarzenegger. Bet he almost never learned to spell his own name. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

PS  I just read on that Senator Conrad of ND said the Reconciliation won’t work for Obamacare.  He should know, he is chairman of the Reconciliation Committee.  That’s why the New York Times was saying there would be no Nuclear bill passed. That’s your smile for the night.


Original Oil Painting by the Author Will Cooper


W.A.I.T. ???

February 27, 2010

He is the ‘One’ and no peon Senator or Representative is going to tell him what to do.

I apologize to those of you who understand proper English grammar and can hold your own in a Spelling Bee.  I’m not in your class. I’m an under-educated, over opinionated, broken down Texas cowboy with a mind ripe with thoughts. If I wait till I’m perfect in writing techniques I’ll be too old to see the keyboard (smile).   I do my best and even if my best is not perfect I’m still doing something and not sitting on the bench.  I may not be the best player on the field, but no one works harder or longer at trying to keep the message on the Internet.

One of the first thing I learned about horse trading was the acronym W. A. I. T.  It means Why Am I Talking! Whose voice do you think the client wants to hear, his or yours?  That’s a no brainer, he wants to hear himself talk. I’ve made my best trades without saying many words. I let them talk and when we are finished they think I’m brilliant. The sweetest music they can hear is their own voice. Remind yourself when you are on an interview, meeting someone new or even buying a car.  Here are the keys to good questions. Ask how, what and where. Don’t ask why unless you want an argument.

How did you learn I have horses to trade?  What is your reason for a new horse?  Where will you be using him?  W A I T and how, what and where is all you need to know about selling.  After you ask a question you must shut up. The first person to speak loses.

The president doesn’t know these simple facts.  He spends too much time telling and not near enough listening  For instance, during the summit those in attendance talked for 343 minutes. Had the president been a W. A. I. T. kind of guy the Republicans would have spoken 160 and the Democrats 160.  But the president is so insecure he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. According to CNN the amount of minutes each spoke are as follows:

Obama spoke       119

Democrats              114

Republicans        110

Is it any wonder the Republicans were not swayed by his charms? The president showed it was his way or the highway.  Unfortunately the highway will be for the Democrat Senators and House Members who try to push his healthcare bill through.  Had the president been as smart as CNN and MSNBC tell us he is then he would have asked questions and waited for the answers. He could have improved his poll numbers had he appeared presidential, a statesman. Instead he came across as an angry child who if they don’t get their way they were going to take their toys and go home.  From the git go the show was all about him. He never opened a door for the Republicans. The Republicans addressed him as Mr. President.  He called them John, Eric and Ryan.  That’s disrespect for the office of Senator or Representative. He was trying to show power, but came off as arrogant.

The smart people are saying the president wants the Democrats to lose the House and Senate in November. That’s what happened to Clinton and he got a second term. Trust me, this president wants a second term more than he cares about Harry Reid and Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi.  Had the president simply stopped talking and listened, people today would be saying how brilliant he was during the summit. That is not what I’m reading and hearing, since he hogged the time, people are saying how insecure and angry he looked.


It’s beginning to look a lot like spring in Texas everywhere I drive. These are roadside phlox.

Obama’s Body Language

February 26, 2010

The President does this a lot.

I call myself a rancher, but deep down I’m just a horse trader.  The word around here is you don’t want to trade horses with Will Cooper, he will take your horse, saddle and spurs if you are not very careful.  I’ll admit I go into a trade with the idea of winning.  Trading is not charity.  I was horrible when I first started, but either by the hand of God or as some of you might say, fate, I was talking with a baseball scout and he told me all about a young kid. I saw nothing unsual about the boy. My scout friend made a statement that stuck with me, “50% of all communication is non-verbal.”  He was talking about reading body language. From that day forward I put my effort into reading body language.

For instance when shaking hands. If your palm is facing up you are telling the other person I’m easy. I will not fight you. On the other side if your palm is facing down you are in the power posistion. This is also a touch move.  With women I always have my palm up (smile).  You want her to know you will be gentle. If you need more power then use your other hand and place it on top of theirs. I’ve won many trades with this simple move.

When talking point your belly button like a lazor at them.  If they turn their belly button away from you then you have more work to do to get them to trust you. Learn to observe the belly button. When I used to go dancing I judged if the girl liked me by the direction she poised her belly button.  If it was pointed at me then I knew I was making progress, but if she was smiling and joking, but her belly button was pointed away, I may as well move on.  Trust me on this, I can read you like a book without you saying a word. I know your body will speak the truth while you might say anything with your words.

Last night I watched the Obama Summit on TIVO. I did catch some of the Olympics, but my main interest was observing the men at the table. Eric Canter spoke with his hands open and he moved so his belly button was shot straight at the president.  Open palms means I’m telling you the truth.

When he was talking the president’s hand went up to his face. He placed two fingers on the side of his face. I showed that image yesterday.  He was flipping Eric the bird.  The president was angry and his hand to the face proved it.  His lips became pencil thin, another sign of anger.  At one point the president placed his finger over his lips.  He was preventing himself from saying something that later would be on the evening news.  Hands to the face means several things: disagreement, frustration, resentment, discomfort and arrogance. It was crystal clear the president was all of those things.  His hand was constantly raised to his face.  He reminded John McCain that he, not John, was president.  That made him sound like a spoiled child. I think most of the men in the room knew he was president, especially John.

Several times he sat with both hands together made into a fist, with his eyebrows pulled down. These signs show boiling rage inside and extreme contempt for the person speaking. I read an article sometime back that the author thinks the president suffers from IED.  Yes, it’s a disease, Intermitted Explosive Disorder. About 16 million Americans suffer from this disease.  If not treated the patient, with the smallest provocation have bouts of fits of rage.  I saw the president have several fits of rage yesterday during the meeting.  I’m not a shrink, but it’s clear the man has no control over anger.

Space doesn’t permit me to teach you how to read people, but if you will notice Obama placed Joe on his right. He was comfortable with his VP being on his right.  Joe is weak and no threat to steal the show from the president. I enjoy driving because my guest is on my right side.  When trading horses I try to work my way to the poor guy I dealing with, to his right side.  Obama needs a body coach.  If I had been sitting in his spot I would have made a pyramid with my hands.  The sign that looks like we are praying is the most powerful move you can make during negotiations. It says I’m in charge.  Sorry for being so long…one day I guess I need to write a book on this stuff (smile).   Email:

I love this cartoon has Ronald Reagan patting the GOP on the back after the Summit.

Dead Dogs!!!

February 25, 2010

Oil Painting by Will “Hard-head” Cooper

I posted yesterday’s blog early because I had to drive down to the Mexican border. My old friend who I helped keep illegals off his property called one of the Twins and asked me to come down.  It was not a happy visit.  Someone fed two of his dogs meat laced with poison. He found them dead close to the border.  The old man was almost in tears. He had the other dog penned up.  He was reluctant to let that dog out and I certainly understand.  Bless his heart, he really got attached to them.  He has a big fenced backyard, so I suggested he let the dog have the freedom to run around there. No one will venture that close to his home. If they did he would blow their heads off.  I doubt if he would even report the incident and just bury them in a shallow grave.  He is one angry man.

I don’t know if my new scheme will work, but it’s worth a shot. I told him to get his tech smart grandson to record the remaining blood hound doing his thing.  Then slow down his voice and speed it up on the  tape.  I guess they use CDs now.  This will make it sound like three dogs.  Then set up speakers along the border.  The kid can rig a small solar panel to generate power for these speakers. The grandson will need to put them on timers so the voices seem to be moving the length of this ranch.  Trust me, they think I’m a genius!  Whoever killed the dogs will think the old man replenished his stock.  I’d bet my boots, my best boots the speakers with dogs howling will work (smile).

By the way the new polls say over 50% of the Mexicans in Texas are now conservative.  I knew my Twins were Reagan people, but now it’s looking like many other Mexicans know the truth. All the Democrat bunch cares about is their vote.  So much for Obama’s plan to make 20 million illegal aliens legal so they could vote.  He may find them voting Republican.

I took Lex down to the Mexican border. She grew up here and had never been to that area. She charmed the old rancher.  He insisted we stay for ‘supper’.  I have never seen so much food.  We didn’t get home till almost 2am.  Lucky for me her parents knew we would be late. I didn’t want her dad to drag out a shotgun.  Life on this old ranch never is dull. I feel pulled apart.  I have to care for the livestock, but I want more time to paint and I’m compelled to blog.  Some days over 450 people  are reading the words I write. Thank all of you who are spreading the message. I do my best to write things interesting to read. I hope at times I don’t get too personal.  I’m not sure my love life is all that glamorous.

I TIVOed the sham of a Healthcare Summit. What a farce!!!  According to Fox News Obama spoke for 30% of the time and he wonders why the Republicans are not falling all over themselves to vote on his bill.  At one point the Democrats had talked 52 minutes and Republicans 24 minutes. Mercy, had John McCain been as tough when he was running for President he would have won in a landslide. It’s a side of John I’ve never seen.  There is no way to score the debate, but from what I saw the Republicans showed themselves proud.  So far I like what I heard from the right.  Frankly, it was a waste of time and I don’t think Obama won any points with the public. He was down right rude at times reminding them he was the president. Dumb Republicans didn’t even know that. Even liberal CNN said only 25% of the people want the current healthcare bills.  I frankly didn’t like the president scolding Eric Cantor for bringing a copy of the House bill.  Obama said we don’t need any props.  Give me a break.  Who is he to scold?  Let those who live in glass houses be silent. This Obama health thing is like trying to drag an elephant up Mt. Everest. A Republican elephant.


Joe and the President at the Summit. Is the Prez giving the Republicans the bird?

Are WE That Stupid???

February 24, 2010

One of the benefits of being stupid is you are not aware of how dumb you really are. Today I was listening to Valerie Jarrett speaking at Harvard explaining why the Tea Party people were not in favor of the Obamacare Health Bill.  She said Obama is so smart he has been talking over our heads. In his two hundred times on television explaining the bill to us he has not been simple enough. He is so far above the rest of us it’s almost impossible for him to be uncomplicated enough to get through to us dummies.  She said Hope and Change were plain enough for you and me to understand.  It’s amazing how I could figure out how to own a 2,500 acre ranch and manage to earn enough money to fend off the creditors at the end of the year.  If I had someone as smart as Obama running things for me no telling where I’d be.  I suspect in the line for food stamps (smile).  He really knows how to manage money…like the new $1 Billion Embassy in London. It has a 100 foot moat around the building.  Will he ever stop spending???

The audacity of Jarrett saying the American people are so simple and stupid they don’t see how wonderful the President’s ideas are. She stood to make millions if the Olympics had been in Chicago. She is corrupt beyond words to express.  I’d like to engage her in a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em or straight Draw Poker.  I earned my spending money in college with a deck of cards. I’d show her how stupid I am while I emptied her bank account. Those people are the stupid ones. They might have book learning, but they could not pour urine out of a boot.

I’m so darn angry I could spit nails.  I’m tired of the pseudo elite looking down on us. Maybe I can’t quote Shakespeare, but I can quote Bear Bryant, Tom Landry and Darrell Royal.  I haven’t read the snob novels, but I have read Pathfinder and Deer Slayer by James Fenimore Cooper. No relation that I know of.  I have not read the Koran as the president has, but I’ve been through the King James version of the bible more than a dozen times and through the New Testament at least 100.  I’m not a speed reader, but I stay fairly informed to be stuck so way out in the sticks.  I’m mister average American, I love my country and don’t want to see it turned Socialist.  I will promise you this, 50 million of the stupid Tea Party types will vote out the Democrat this fall and the one and done president in 2010.

I had a thought last night.  Lately the president has been saying he had rather be a one term president than have 8 bad years. The Arizona Congress is about to pass a law requiring proof of citizenship in the next presidential election.  It’s also been brought up in the US Congress.  Maybe the president is smart enough to know he won’t be given a choice to run a second time. I understand Arizona is not the only state getting ready to put the birth certificate requirement on their books.

By the way, the birthers led by Democrat Phil Berg Esquire are going to march on Washington. I don’t know the date. They are asking marchers to bring their birth certificates. You can read about Berg at  Hillary Clinton hired him to explore the birth certificate issue. The right didn’t start this stuff, it came first from the left and is being pressed by the left. Email:

If this example won’t make you get out and vote, nothing will. The image to the immediate left is Obama’s new Missile Defense Program logo.  The one on the left below is Obama’s personal logo and you know what the third one is. What is the president telling us?  Is he supporting the Muslims or himself with the missile logo?    I honestly think they believe we are so backward and stupid we won’t see the Muslim Crescent Star and the Obama logo merged.  This the most blatant thing I’ve ever seen a president do.   He is shamelessly promoting the Islamic flag. Is this not unreal for an American president to do?

Bifurcate the Tea Party!

February 23, 2010

I’m a new, kinder, gentler guy. Here are some flowers to prove my softer side. I’m responding to all the compliments you sent for my treatment of the dogs.

Bifurcate is one of those four bit words not used much around this ranch.  I just can’t see myself telling the twins, “Boys, go bifurcate them there cows.”   Since I’m not Ivy League educated, maybe it would be more fitting for me to say split or fork.  I have a sneaking feeling this is what is about to happen in Las Vegas.  There is some skullduggery going on.  Someone is trying to split the Tea Party out there. Here is what is about to happen.  Barry Levinson, a Democrat lawyer, who is also associated with a Las Vegas Tea Party (registered member) is wanting to help his friend run for the US Senate.  Levinson, secretary of the Tea Party of Nevada, said he “represents the candidate” and wants to help him get elected.  I think this is BS.

I smell Democrat all over this.  Right now Danny Tarkanian (son of the famous basketball coach)  or Sue Louden (very wealthy conservative woman)  are running way ahead of Harry (Dingy) Reid.  Toss in a third-party candidate and that might be just enough to split the republican vote and have Harry standing in front of us at least six more years.  It might be twelve or eighteen if we don’t get rid of him now. We can vote him out of office in November, but not if there is a strong third-party candidate.   I put nothing past the Democrat bunch.  I suspect Barry Levinson is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He pretends to be a Tea Party kind of guy and gets elected secretary.  He is biding his time and going to meetings to work on his plan to re-elect Reid.  I think this was planned the moment the first poll came out showing Harry running behind.  With a name like Barry you know he can’t be trusted. (smile)

The candidate Levinson is talking about is Jon Scott Ashjian.  When asked, Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation said, “I never heard of Jon Scott Ashjian.”  The Tea Party Nation is holding its second convention July 15-17.   Phillips also commented, “The Tea Party movement is very successful; therefore I’m not shocked that opportunity seekers would try to take advantage of what’s happening. I’m also not surprised at anything Harry Reid’s people will do to get him back in Washington.”

Give Sarah Palin credit. She has been preaching no third-party.  Sarah will speak at Searchlight, NV March 27th.  She is not being paid to speak.  For those of you not acquainted with Las Vegas, Searchlight is a suburb.  This meeting will be for the Tea Party Express to stop and give support to conservative candidates, spreading the voice of freedom.

Oh, by the way, I got rid of the dogs.  No I didn’t kill them. The wife of one of the twins took them off my hands. She and the kids will care for them much better than I can. I’m pretty busy on the ranch.  We are dropping calves, left and right.    I will buy the dog food till they split the pups and find a home for mama. It was amazing what a few days of food did for her. She came alive and was jumping up on me when I went into the barn. I almost got attached to Dot…note: I said almost (smile).


Lets Get Real

February 22, 2010

Welcome to Obama’s world.  This photo is of the FIRST Great Depression but we are almost back there again.

The president and vice president are on television everyday telling America what all they are doing for us.  How they won the war in Iraq and the economy is back on its feet. They explain how lucky we are to have them as our leaders. There is just one problem with all those platitudes, the numbers tell a different story.  I doubt anyone really believes this current administration has done wonders in Iraq. Bush’s surge is what turned that tide. So case closed on that topic.  Now let’s examine some numbers from the liberal, Obama loving New York Times.  2.7 million people will lose their unemployment checks this April, unless the president drags out more government money.  I suspect he will fund the unemployment, the guy just loves to spend.  He went to Las Vegas to help Harry Reid and announced a $1.5 Billion housing bill.  The last huge lump of money he spent on houses did nothing.  In six months after being bailed out 66% of the ‘helped’ home owners are in default.  Another 25% of those bailed out  lasted less than three months.  There are 6.3 million who have been without a job longer than six months. So much for the stimulus money. The smart people say it will be years before people have jobs.

The stimulus money made no real jobs. It provided raises for union workers and went to make payrolls.  What is going to happen to those who got a government assisted paycheck next year when there will be no government grants?  The new jobs went to government employees.  No administration has such a large government payroll.  If you make $40,000 a year in the private sector, go to work for the government and double your income.  According to the New York Times we have over 15 million people without a job and NO prospects of getting one.  Yet the president is still trying to RAM the failed Healthcare bill down our throats. He needs to get real about jobs instead trying to build a monument to his presidency, by passing a healthcare bill most Americans don’t want.

It’s bad, people need jobs. In El Centro, CA according to government figures the unemployment is 27.7%.  This is Nancy Pelosi’s part of the country. In Merced CA it’s 20% and in the entire state of Michigan the unemployment is 14.6%.  It’s not much better in Rhode Island.  If you add in those who have stopped looking for a job you can add 40% to those numbers.

Remember during the depression, the shanty towns and cardboard houses were called Hoovervilles.  Someone suggest we need to begin putting up Obamaville signs on the tent cities and places where the homeless hover.  The sign should read:  Welcome to Obamaville, where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the taxes get higher everyday.

It’s crystal clear from where I stand, we have to make real change in the House and Senate this November. We have to vote out the big spenders, Republican and Democrat. We need a conservative president in 2012.  Make this guy one and done.  Email:

This sign pretty much says it all.  Thanks to my friend from way up north for sending me this image.

Dogs and More Dogs

February 21, 2010

Will Cooper stirring up dust, earning a living the easy way.

I’m going to  have to take a mortgage out on the ranch to pay for these new dogs. Who would have thought taking in a starved stray with six pups would have turned out to be so expensive?  My first idea was the best; a few shotgun shells or else one shell on the mama and let the owls take care of the rest.  I had the mama “fixed.”   No more puppy factory.  I had to get them shots, wormed and the Lord only knows what else. I’m scared to get the vet’s bill.  I may have to sell some livestock to cover it. Now I’m buying special dog food. I swear I’m starting to feel like a liberal.  I’m keeping them in the big barn for now, but that mama is ready to get out and stretch her legs. I think she wants to get away from those yapping pups.

I made a mistake and let the twin’s kids see the pups. Now their dads are not speaking to me.  This may end up costing me two very good workers.  You know the twins won’t be able to tell their kids NO to a pup and every time one of those little dogs chews something up they will blame me.  I don’t know how old the pups are.  Two or three weeks I guess.  One of my eBay family raised dogs and told me to wean them when they reach six weeks.  So if my guess is right I have about three more weeks before the twin’s kids start taking pups home.  I’m going to try to limit them to two dogs per family…but it’s looking like the kids each have their hearts set on three. They’ve already given them names. That leaves the old lady and I know I can get a spot at the nursing home for her.  She is solid white, now that she has been bathed.  I know that really makes me sound like a liberal. Bathing dogs…that’s the last straw.  But I didn’t want my barn cats getting their fleas.  Anyway she has a big brown spot about the size of a coffee cup above one eye so I’m calling her Dot.  The pups are white with several brown spots.

Bandit doesn’t know what to think of the little dogs.  He looks at the mama but has yet to venture close enough to sniff.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and I’m stuck here with seven stray dogs.  I need to be blogging about the world crisis and yet I felt compelled to dump my dog story on you. Thanks for listening.

A doctor friend emailed and asked if I knew what men do when they got out of bed at midnight?

5% get a glass of water.

12% use the bathroom.

83% go home.


The Austin Crazy

February 20, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I knew it, I knew it, the Southern Poverty League is trying to tie Joseph Stack, the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building, to the extreme right-wing.  He said Stack is like Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidian bunch. Let’s get this straight.  Randy Weaver was not trying to overthrow the government. He moved up to Idaho to live free and raise his family.  The government sent a Federal Marshal into town who went undercover as ‘one of the boys’.   He got to know Randy and one day asked him to saw off a shotgun…an inch short of legal.  Randy did what friends do, he did the guy a favor and shortened his gun for free.  The next thing Randy knew, he was indicted by the US Attorney for making illegal weapons.  This was the rawest kind of entrapment. Randy ignored the indictment and instead of the local Sheriff going up the hill and asking Randy to come in, the FBI went in with full force.

Randy’s son heard his dog barking and went to see what he had cornered.  As the kid cleared cover he saw a man shoot his dog. The kid returned fire and the gun fight was on.  The tragic thing that happened was Randy’s wife was standing in the door with her baby when a FBI agent shot her and the child.  They died on the spot. Randy was acquitted and later won a few million from the government for the murder of his wife and child.

David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were legally trading guns at gun shows. David was friends with the local Sheriff, but the Feds wanted to make an example of their power.  It was the Feds who first fired shots.  In the end the Feds burned women and children by blocking all exits.  And you wonder why people don’t trust the government???   Maybe their church was not main stream but that can be said about a lot of churches. For instance those that handle snakes or the sect that beats themselves with whips with lead balls for penance.  Maybe since I belive salvation is of Grace I don’t connect with those tenets of Christianity, but who am I to condemn? This is America and we are free to worship as we please.

Joe Stark was not a right-wing lunatic, he was a guy who hated Bush as well as the government. He especially hated the IRS.  He led a normal life. He played in a country music band.  He was a software geek kind of guy.  He owned an airplane.  He didn’t go into the woods and shoot up targets with the skin heads.  He is a guy who let his hate of the IRS drive him to the extreme. It was not because he was listening to Glenn Beck or Rush.  I don’t think he even listened to Alex Jones.  Stark was a communist supporter.  His last words were from their creed and he bashed capitalism. He was angry at the IRS because he had to file taxes monthly rather than like I do.  I pay quarterly. Seems those in computer tech have to do it every month.

On the other hand the woman who killed three in Alabama is a big Obama supporter.  She is without question a radical lefty.  Why don’t we hear this on the evening news?  Because it’s only fun for them if the killer is right-wing. If he is not right-wing they will say he is.

And while I’m at it. Tim McVeigh was assisted in Oklahoma City by some Middle Eastern guys. This is a fact. The Feds had a CI who told them of the plot a month earlier.  The Denver judge wouldn’t let Tim’s lawyer bring that into the trial and McVeigh never spoke up. His lawyer later said it was because Tim feared for his sister and parents’ lives.  Had he talked they would have been killed by those who helped him pull off the bombing.  Remember they found a dark skinned leg in the debris???  Can we say cover-up???


Sarah Again

February 19, 2010

Frankly I’m tired of seeing Sarah Palin trashed. The Television Show The Family Guy, which I have never watched, recently did a hatchet job on her.  They had two characters with Down Syndrome do a skit, where the girl in a jumbled voice says her mother had been governor of Alaska.  This was a crude slam at Sarah and Todd’s Down Syndrome child.  How low can the left go?  It’s clear they will go very low.

Everyday I either see newspaper articles or blogs saying how stupid Sarah is.  I’ll bet my boots, my best boots her college grade point average was far superior to the president.  Of course that is a bet I’ll never have to pay, because the president will not let us know his grades.  In fact we don’t have any evidence he was ever at Columbia.

Sarah wrote some key words on the palm of her hand in Nashville where she addressed a standing room only crowd at a Tea Party gathering.  Nine years ago Barbara Boxer did the same thing in California. had the story. When Barbara did the hand thing, it was called cute.  When Sarah did the hand thing the left said it was because she is stupid.

How soon the Democrat bunch forgets what troubles Ted Kennedy had in school or what low grades Al Gore and John Kerry made. We all know George Bush made better grades than either Gore or Kerry and the Democrats call Bush stupid.  Where does that leave Gore and Kerry, imbeciles???

Sarah went to the Daytona 500 Race and got a standing ovation from all the drivers and crew members.  She was mobbed.  Everyone wanted an autograph or a picture with her. She was down there to address the Chamber of Commerce. The NASCAR folks love her.   Even a very liberal blogger had to admit she had never seen so many people stand in the freezing cold to get a chance for her to sign their copy of Going Rogue.

Joe the Plumber has pivoted on his statement he would not vote for her if she went and made a talk for John McCain.  He now said he overreacted. For those of you who are upset she is speaking for McCain, get over it.  She had no choice.  If she didn’t go then there would have been those questioning her loyalty.  She was in a no win situation. Damn her if she goes, damn her if she doesn’t.  Either way she is wrong in the eyes of many.  What I like about her is she does what she thinks is right, come hell or high water.  She is true to what she believes. She sees John McCain as an American hero first and politician second.

Even 22% of those who say she is not qualified to be president say they would rather have her running the country than Obama.  I don’t know if she will run for president, but I do know if she does there is no one in the Republican party who can beat her.  If the primary was today she would walk away with the nomination.  I understand we are 2.5 years away and things can change.  To be honest I don’t see Sarah suddenly losing her charisma. Or her ability to draw a crowd.  I don’t see her suddenly forgetting how to bring a crowd to its feet with applause. She will never win over the RINOs and left media, she doesn’t have to.  There is enough of ‘we the people‘ to get her elected.  You better open your minds, because you are witnessing a political phenomena.  Will she run?   I doubt it.  I know she won’t unless the people force her to.   Email: