Big Spender

Texas Longhorn Bull painting by Will Cooper

A really smart young man suggested I read some books on economics. Probably a good idea, but since I’m a thick-headed working cowboy I’m not sure I would understand the big words.  Like I don’t understand a president who said he was going to lower the nation’s debt, yet the numbers just released doesn’t seem to jive with his boasting.  The deficit for our budget which ends in September will be $1.6 Trillion. He is making Bush look like a conservative. The Democrats raised the debt limit to $14.3 Trillion. Is it fair to say they are Big Spenders? That’s $45,000 for every man, woman and child in America. In the State of the Union Address the president said, “That’s how budgeting works.” Not to worry, the deficit for the budget will be $3.8 and the debt limit over $15 Trillion in 2011.  Thanks Democrats.

The president was in Tampa this week talking about his budget freeze that will go into effect next year, IF Congress votes yes. He can promise, knowing Congress still has to vote on his recommendations.  But what struck me as humorous, he announced he wanted to spend $8 Billion on a high-speed train. That’s a good way to cut the costs. Then he is asking for $100 Billion for jobs.  Which brings me to the lie that his administration has saved 2 million jobs.  Seems to me his office counted jobs saved in 15 Districts that don’t exist. No president in the past has counted the jobs he saved.  This is an impossible figure to calculate.  Tell that to Michigan with its 16% unemployment or Florida with 11%.  Texas has a Republican Governor who has done a great job.  Dallas and Houston are at about 8% and San Antonio at 6% unemployment.  Thank Rick Perry for the good economy in Texas.

You have Big Spender Nancy Pelosi using military planes to fly her children and grandchildren non stop between Washington DC and San Francisco…without her being on board. The Democrats really know how to spend your money for their pleasure. That cost taxpayers over a million and she spent $100,000 on booze and junk food while in the air.  Aren’t we lucky to have Madam Pelosi?

Here is what I know about economy. I have X amount invested in a steer or heifer and I sell them for Z.  I pray at the end of the year my Z were worth more than the X I had invested.  Small things like vet fees, medicine, feed, loss by death. Cattle do die. Death at calf birth. Fence and windmill repairs. Seeds to plant and gas to run the tractors. Spraying for ticks and paying two men to help me run this operation.  Then I have taxes…lots of taxes including school tax and I don’t have any kids. Then there is insurance. Also there are years like the last two big drought ones that X ended up more than Z.   I’m eternally hopeful.  I hope this year to reverse the drought stricken years and see Z be worth more than X.

It’s foolish of me to think a Community Organizer would understand my X and Zs.  He has aspirations of being a global leader and I just want to raise enough healthy cattle to pay my men and hang around another year.  I have rope burns on my hands and he has callouses from holding a golf club.  We are worlds apart. I want smaller government and less taxes.



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