A Thousand Small Cuts

President Obama bowing to the mayor of Tampa.  He has a thing for bowing.

I have reasons to be paranoid. I’ve not mentioned this in the past but some time back I had a radical Obama supporter who sent me threatening emails on a regular basis. I will never forget the one that promised to make a thousand small cuts in me and then watch the life slowly leave my body.  I feel comfortable I can take care of myself, but if I were to be jumped by a man with a gun in his hand, my fists are not worth much.  I invited him to meet me at the Corpus Christi airport. I got the feeling he didn’t want a face to face meeting but to catch me in some sort of ambush. As you know I’m fairly critical of the president and he took umbrage. The truth be known he probably had a gay crush on the president and that fueled the flames. Hell has no fury like that of a gay man when you bad mouth his lover.  I have not heard from him in a few months…but I have a feeling he or some like him would love to slit my throat. I don’t want you to worry. I just wanted you to know writing a conservative blog brings out the worst in the left.  In the past three plus years I’ve had at least 8 threaten my life.

I have several left-wing radicals who continue to challenge all I write. For now we still have a free country, so they can rebuke me with freedom. Who knows, a year from now what they are saying could be a hate crime. (smile)

This is what happens when the president doesn’t have his teleprompters giving him the words to say. Fox.com had a banner this morning that brought a smile to my face. “Las Vegas Doesn’t Want You.”   Their message was to the president. The mayor of Las Vegas said he would give Obama the boot if he came to his city. For the second time the president has warned people not to go to Las Vegas and blow their money.  It’s okay for the president to blow insane amounts of money on social issues and left-wing agenda items, but if a couple wants to spend a few days in Las Vegas that is a NO – NO.  Unlike what the president says, not every family spends the children’s college funds on the tables. This is just what Harry Reid needs. The president talking down to Las Vegas where 90% of Reid’s votes come from.  Harry Reid is toast.

You heard it here first. When the Fed puts out the revised jobs report Feb. 5th they will say we had 824,000 less jobs than reported. Look out, in  November we are going to clean house and senate. There is a good chance we can win ten senate seats and that would give us 61. How sweet is that?  

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