Rats Jumping Ship

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I remember seeing an old World War II documentary on a sinking ship. What stuck me about the film was the number of rats fleeing the deck. Rats were coming out of all sorts of places and scurrying down the ropes into the floating debris. If there was a boar d floating in the water it was covered with rats that had abandoned the ship. It reminded me of what’s happening in Washington DC this week.  The Democrats are running off the cliff to get away from the Obama budget.

It didn’t take long before the Democrats jumped ship. Vulnerable Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama as fast as they can. I wonder if Harry Reid is going to let the president come to Las Vegas to help his campaign?  Trust me, the people in Las Vegas are not happy with the president. The first time Obama slammed Las Vegas tourism fell by 20%. Hotel rooms sat empty and people lost jobs. Unemployment is now at 16% and not getting better. If Reid wants to win he better cancel the president’s visit.

The Democrat Senate candidate in Missouri denounced the ski-high Obama budget, while a Florida Democrat whose district includes NASA and the Kennedy Space Center is slamming the president for his space cuts.

Poor Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.  She voted for the Obama healthcare bill and now she is in serious trouble. Obama’s approval rating in Arkansas is 30%.  On her website she has a banner, “Blanche stands up for Arkansas farm families.”  Obama cut the farm bill, add that to her voting for the Obama healthcare bill and that gurl is toast. There are no boards floating in the water for her to jump on. It’s too late to save Blanche.  Her TEA Party friends tried to tell her to jump ship, but she tarried too long and now she will go down with the Obama boat.

Barbara Boxer is running scared. She had been a lock, but now it’s looking like she is vulnerable.  Her message, “California is hurting.”  She knows this massive budget is going to foil her returning to Washington. Arlen Spector, who switched to be a Democrat is screaming at the president for what he is doing to the steel industry and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is pushing for healthcare for the first responders in the 9-11 attack.

The gap between Obama and his lackies is beginning to look like the Grand Canyon. The smart people are saying the Republicans can pick up 12 new seats if things fall right, but even if they don’t drop into place the Republicans will garner 10.  That would give them 51 votes. Dick Morris, Karl Rove and other pundents say the Republicans will win enough House seats to be the majority.  Wouldn’t that be nice?   It can happen if we stay focused.  Don’t go off chasing rabbits. Each day the Democrats toss out new urgent things as distractions. We can’t get tied up in that stuff.  We have to fight tooth and nail to win in November. I think the survival of our nation depends on what happens in November.

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