“You Lie”

How did she get elected governor of Arizona and now she is in charge of our security. Feel safe?

The smartest man in the world screwed up big time. He is the Commander-in-Chief and pronounced CORPS  “Corpse men”.  What would have happened if George W. Bush has said corpse when talking of a military person?  You still think Obama is the smartest man in the world?

Joe Wilson was right when he shouted out, “You Lie!”  Joe was demonized for telling the truth.  These new job numbers are  government fabricated.  The unemployment is not 9.7%.  The true number is 18% when you factor in the people who have given up looking for a job. The government admits they didn’t count 1 million lost jobs which brings the number to 8.4  million.  We also lost 20,000 in January. YET, we are to believe the unemployment numbers are down to 9.7%.  Also not factored in is the number of government Census Workers who have recently been hired.  That’s not a job. That’s temporary employment.  A job is when a plumber hires extra people or when I add a couple more cowboys to help on the ranch.  Those kind of add-on jobs last longer than the summer.

Dow doesn’t believe the lie.  The Dow fell below 10,000 at noon today.  The American people don’t believe the jobs lie.  They are hurting for a job.  Denver  is seriously hit and, thanks to the president, Las Vegas is hurting big time.  Las Vegas recently opened a 6,500 room hotel, which cost over $6 Billion and now they can’t give rooms away.   I’ve had it with all the lies.  I pledge to work even harder for a clean sweep in November.  DO NOT let people get you off track.  Stay the course.  The most important thing on our agenda is to elect conservatives in November. There will be cases where the only choice we have is a mild RINO and a liberal Democrat.  That is not a choice.  We know without a shadow of doubt what the liberal will do.  At least we have some hope the mild RINO will do the right thing.

And I think the attack on Toyota by the American Government is an effort to try to lift up Government Motors, GM. Nice try, Ford will still kick tail. Ford truck sales are through the roof and Toyota will make a come back.

Global Warming has proven to be a hoax and only those with their heads up their rear think otherwise. They got their information for the Glaciers melting from a student paper and article in a magazine.  Look at Washington DC today and you can see real proof there is no global warming.  It’s been a scam from the git-go. Al Gore went from being worth a million dollars to accumulating over a billion dollars all on the global warming scam.

One of the biggest and most expensive lies was the swine flu.  HINI was a hoax. Someone in Mexico got a mild strain of flu and the WHO took that and made a world-wide pandemic. Our illustrious president jumped into the act and call it a pandemic. “We have an emergency”, he said.  Then the drugs were delayed in arriving and suddenly no one was talking about shutting down schools and closing office buildings.  This was a money-making scam by the World Health Organization and our government.  I didn’t get the shot. I knew from day one it was not real.  There were no hospitals full of dying people. Each year 30,000 to 40,000 people die of the flu.  The swine flu didn’t move that number, it remained the same.  It did hurt the people in the pork industry, even though pigs had nothing to do with the virus.

By the way, the only Republican invited to Obama’s Super Bowl party is RINO Joseph Cao from LA.  He is the only Republican House Member to vote yes on the Obamacare bill.    Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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