Original Oil Portrait of General Stonewall Jackson by Will Cooper

I find my heart filled with compassion for a bunch of Democrats.  No, I didn’t get drunk last night and now suffering a hang-over.  I haven’t had a beer since my wife died a long, long time ago.  The Democrats remind me of a group of assistant coaches I had my sophomore year in college.  Our head coach was a loonie, about mid-season he was fired but allowed to finish the season.  In football when the head guy is fired so are his assistants, unless the new coach wants to keep a few.  The assistant coaches walked around in a zombie stupor for the remaining half of the season.  Right now the Democrats in the House and Senate have been fired by ‘we the people’.  They will finish the season as lame duck Congress people. Lately I’ve been watching the faces of the Democrats and they look just like my old fired coaches.  Poor Blanche Lincoln fell on her sword for the president and now she has 27% approval ratings. Harry Reid did the same and he is down 20 points in his home state. 

This weekend during the man-made global warming blizzard that has paralyzed Washington DC the president vowed to continue to fight for his healthcare bill.  He boasted that he would reach out to the Republicans and get them onboard.  Has he been smoking weed again?  This man is living in a protective bubble. I will admit the Republicans are not the brightest bulb on the tree, but they are not dumb enough to vote for the Obamacare bill.  They have eyes. They see Ben Nelson of Nebraska is now down 30 points in the polls. Barbara Boxer is in a fight of  her life  and she was as safe as the Ted Kennedy seat.  Oooops! I forgot, Scott Brown took the safe Kennedy seat on a pledge he would be the 41st vote to kill Obamacare.

Now the poor Democrats are being asked to walk the plank on the biggest and most immoral budget in the history of the world.  No wonder the Democrats have long faces. They are seeing their cushy jobs vanish. The mayor of Las Vegas said, “That young man is a slow learner.”  No doubt the mayor was right.  To still be pushing the Obamacare bill when 67% of the nation says they don’t want it is political suicide.  

I also see the pallor color of death in the faces of the RINO Republicans.  I watched Sarah Palin speak last night in Nashville. She sent a message to Washington that liberals on both sides of the aisle are fired.  We are going to give them their pink slips in November. My goodness, that gurl can deliver a message.  I sat on the edge of my chair and drank in every word she spoke.  She is as cute as a new-born calf in the spring and has the fire of a Chicago Bears middle linebacker. As we say down here in Texas she is easy on the eyes.

I think she dispelled the idea of a third-party and that the TEA Party movement will not be an arm of the Republicans.  If a Republican wants the support of the TEA Party they must prove their purity.  The number one question: Are you a fiscal conservative?  If not then don’t ask for help from the TEA Party.  Second:  Are you for more or less taxes?  Your answer had better be less taxes if you want their support.  Who knows if Sarah will run, but if she does it will be as a Republican. 

Joe the Plumber said he has been to 100 TEA Parties. I met him in San Antonio.  He said he has endorsed 5 people.  3 Republicans, 1 Independent and 1 Democrat. What you believe is more important than what party you are with.  We have to get people in Washington who can stop the bleeding.  Stay focused on November and put that third-party nonsense out of your mind.    Email:


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