Run Sarah Run

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I watched Sarah Palin with interest at the Nashville TEA Party convention. has her speech if you want to hear her. I listened to her on Fox News and she is without question the most dynamic personality in the Republican party. She filled the room the moment she stepped on stage in her 4″ tall slippers and killer smile. I think she could have just stood and waved at the people and they would have been charmed.  I realize some of you think she is an air-head and half a brain short.  You are mistaken. Sarah is extremely bright. Her speech was tailored for the TEA Party folks and they ate up each word.  Whatever IT is, she has IT.

I TIVOed her with Chris Wallace Sunday night…had a football game to watch. Pleased to see the Saints win for the city. A city that just elected it’s first white mayor in forty years.  After the game I watched Sarah and Wallace.  My has she matured on television.  She was so relaxed and answered his hard questions with ease. He asked if she would consider running in 2012 and she said it would be absurd for her not to consider.  I agree.  But she doesn’t have to decide for another 18 months.

After the McCain race was lost Sarah formed a PAC and begin receiving daily briefs from several inside the beltway. She has experts briefing her on foreign affairs, what is about to be voted on and inside Washington information.  This sounds to me like someone who is in training to face the Charlie Gibsons and Katy ‘the runt’ Coric in two years. When she went with John her only focus had been Alaska, but now she is broadening her knowledge base.

Here is what I see happening. This year she is paying her dues to those running. Sunday she was in Houston stumping for Rick Perry, my choice as governor.  I visited with him at the San Antonio TEA Party back in July.  She is helping Ryan Paul in KY, Bachmann in MN and John McCain in AZ.  I know, why McCain?  Because he gave her a start. She owes him. I like people who remember who gave them a leg up.  She will pour her PAC money into races. She got $100,000 to speak in Nashville and that money will go to help TEA Party candidates and rallies. She will not profit from the speech.

In 18 to 20 months I expect Sarah to write another book.Only this will not be much about her personal life but rather her vision for the country. In this book she will prove she has brains. No doubt she will consult informed people in economics, healthcare, taxes, banking and of course security of the country. She will be well-informed on the two wars and have a plan to deal with terrorists.  In the book she will confirm her deep spiritual beliefs and dependence on God for direction.  She may already be working on an outline.  I certainly would be if I were going to run in 2012.  Some say she should wait, but I say No, run now because unless the president turns 180 degrees he will be easy to defeat.  He would have to move to the center and I don’t think that is possible. He is an ideologue and who he is, is etched in stone.  Even the vast majority of Americans don’t want his Obamacare he is still pressing forward.  Now he wants to meet with the Republicans…who are not going to accept his taking over one sixth of our economy.  Run Sarah Run   Email:

This is why I don’t want to live north of San Antonio


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