Phantom President


It’s beginning to look like Tiananmen Square in China when I was over there.

One of my eBay family members sent me an article that brought to surface a topic I’ve been wanting to address. Rev. James Manning, a black minister in Harlem and a strong voice against the president asks where is there evicence Mr. Obama attended Columbia University? The Secret Service has visited Dr. Manning several times.  Manning says he expects to be arrested, but so far that has not happened. He doesn’t threaten the life of the president but he does challenge if he is who he says he is.  I for one don’t know what’s real about our president. Who is he? What is he hiding by not showing his Columbia school records.

One area of concern is the absence of any information that he ever attended Columbia University.  Was the ‘alleged’ diploma issued in the name of Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama? There is no public record of his diploma.

Mr. Obama says he attended Columbia 1982 thru 1983. This has been professionally investigated and the investigators have been unable to turn up a single shred of written documentation for the years 1981 through 1984.  There is nothing that shows he appeared on a school roster, register, faculty memo, bulletin boards, school awards, or dean’s list. His name or picture doesn’t appear in the college yearbook.  No club records, fraternity records or extra curricular activity member roster. Since he is said to be a great writer you would think he would have something published in the school newspaper.  Bill Ayers wrote both of his books.  He was not on the student radio or television. He doesn’t even appear as a worker, employee or laborer. No sports activities either.  He was a phantom student. 

Obama says he graduated in Political Science in 1983, but he was not in the Graduation Class Yearbook or invitation records.

There is not one tiny shred of evidence he attended, lived, worked or played at Columbia University during those four years.

The most damning evidence is all the professors, college employees and students who were at Columbia during the years in question have failed to turn up one single person that can remember Mr. Obama.  This is odd because Bush has people in Midland Texas who remember him as a young kid.  Some of Bush’s best friends are those he went to school with in Midland. His college buddies told stories on him, both good and bad when he was running for president.  We know his grades. We know John Kerry’s and Al Gore’s college grades. 

How could he go to college two years and there not be a finger print of evidence he was ever there?  Here is what puzzles me. We remember people who become famous that we went to school with.  I would bet my boots, my best boots that the kids who marched in the band at half time with the great running back Walter Payton remember him. He became the most famous running back in the National Football League, but played at half time in the school band.  Even the flute player remembers Walter.  Why doesn’t one single person come forward and say he/she had beers with the young Mr. Obama.  As charismatic as he is, he had to stand out.  He must have been a phantom student.  No one could see him in class.



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