20% VAT

Original Oil Painting painted by Texas cowboy Will Cooper.

Do I say UK or England?  I want to get it right.  I do realize UK stands for the United Kingdom, but doesn’t England do the same?  It ticks me off to hear people say  San Tone.  I usually correct them by saying, “It’s San Antonio.”  Names are important.  I don’t like to be called Bill, Willie or William.  I go by Will.  It’s short, to the point and my name of choice.

England has three parties, Labor, Conservative and Tories.  The Conservatives want to raise the VAT (Value Added Tax) from 17.5% to 20%.  Labor is on the fence, but both feet are on the 20% side, while the Tories are against raising taxes. The Conservatives say the extra on VAT would bring in 13 Billion Pounds against their 178 Billion Pound budget. Sounds like the voices we hear in America coming from the left.

The first time I was in London I just had to visit Harrods and soon found myself at the Monte Blanc fountain pen counter.  A cute girl, who I couldn’t understand a word she said, offered to show me the pens. We did have a communication problem. I only spoke Texan and she had a Cockney accent. We were strangers in a city strange to me.  I picked a big fat, cigar sized black fountain pen with the little white top. If my memory is correct the pen was $350 in US Dollars.   She rang it up and when she handed me the bill I noticed a large amount added on .  I asked, “What’s this?” Pointing to the add-on. 

“Sir, that is your VAT.” 

To me a vat is what you dip cows in for ticks. The manager saw the confusion and came to the rescue. He explained that England had a Value Added Tax and they simply called it VAT.  I can’t remember, but it seems to me it was 10%.  That was about twenty-two years ago.  By the way I still have the pen.

The Democrats have already raised a few balloons on us having a VAT.  You are going to see that ugly head rise again as the enormity of this debt starts to sink in.  Nancy Pelosi would pop a heavy VAT on us in a heartbeat if the American people would stand for it.  The liberal Democrats have never seen a tax they didn’t love.  Mr. Obama slipped behind closed doors to sign his $14.3 Trillion budget, up from $12.4 Trillion. Welcome to the world of big spending. This is why they will push for a VAT.

A VAT would absolutely destroy what economy we have.  For instance, when I buy a set of tires for the truck for $1,000 the government’s 20% Value Added Tax would hit me for $200 more. That would hurt.  I would be forced to buy a cheap and less safe $700 set and pay $140 VAT.  Nancy pushed a VAT at the first of the year. Unless we make changes in November we will see that foolish tax hit all we buy.

Never forget the elitists want us to be like Europe. They think it’s fair we have to pay the government 20% on everything we buy.  I just thank God every day I live in Texas and we don’t have a state income tax.  God bless you good folks in California.  You are taxed into the poor house.  But then again you have Democrats and a RINO running your state government.

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