Bison (Buffalo) Original Oil Painting by Texas Artist Will Cooper

I read a story yesterday that is proof our Homeland Security is  joke.  A Camden MA cop and his wife decided to take their son to Disneyland for his fourth birthday. The boy had been born 16 weeks early and his feet and ankles were slow in developing. At three and a half he started to walk, so the parents had him fit in braces.  Off they went with high hopes and joy on their mind; however that was short-lived. When they got to the airport and went through the inspection gate a TSA hack stopped the boy.  “You will need to remove those braces!” Demanded the inspector. The parents protested he needed the braces to walk.  “Rules are rules.”

“But I’m a policeman and my son is not a terrorist,” the cop plead.

Nothing would satisfy the inspector. When the mother tried to walk the child through the metal detector, she was stopped.  He had to manage on his own.   Naturally the father was livid as well he should be.

I hate flying. The last trip I made I saw the TSA inspector body search a grandmother who had to be 70.  A business man in front of me had a hole in the toe of his sock. The entire event reminded me of a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

What a total waste of manpower. Who wants to kill us?  Young Muslim men and soon to be women.  Some fat, red-headed Irishman is doesn’t fit the profile anymore than that four year old with leg braces. There has never been an Assembly of God member try to blow up a plane.  We don’t see Jehovah Witness trying to blow up planes.  The only people who try to blow up planes are of the Muslim faith.  Okay, for you who are PC I’ll say radical Muslims.

The most insane thing is there is a Muslim lobby to prevent them from being subjected to body scans.  So we scan the four-year old in leg braces, the seventy year old grandmother and the business man with a hole in his sock. Then  let the only sect who has said they want to kill Americans walk through with no body scan.  I’m sure the Muslims will win their case.  They are basing it as being against their faith.  The TSA is a joke and their inspections are a picture of insanity. My last flight I was pulled aside and they scanned me with the little hand-held deal. I was wearing my boots and a big black cowboy hat.  I really looked like all those who brought down the World Trade Center and the panty bomber.

Then I heard the most insane thing of all. Someone is running for the Nevada Senate on the TEA Party ticket.  This will make sure we get Harry Reid for six more years. I knew it would happen. There are too many stupid people in the TEA Party for someone not to think they had the power to elect a total unknown. We had Harry beat, but I’m not sure now. If the TEA Party guy/gal gets 15% of the vote that might be enough to hand the election to Dingy Harry.   Think, people think. Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton.  Reid cut his own throat this week when he endorsed giving tax breaks to companies who hire illegal aliens.  The Las Vegas TEA Party did an insane thing by running a candidate.  AA teaches, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Here we go again.   Email:


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