TEA Party

There is no such thing as a TEA ‘Party’.  It’s a movement made up of a thousand small groups, each calling themselves Tea Party. One of my liberal friends wrote this morning talking as if the Tea Party was similar to the Green Party, The Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats.  But not so, each of those have leaders and are one unit with members.  The Republican Party is like a hand with fingers.  Each finger is different; however, they are still part of the hand.  Republicans might be divided with RINOs, moderate, conservatives and extreme right-wing folks like me but they are still a party.  I only use that as an example, I’m Independent and have been for most of my adult life.

Most major cities have a bunch of Tea Parties.  The San Antonio Tea Party split when the original founder wanted to start a ‘for profit’ group. The guy who put on the National Tea Party convention was for profit.  He paid Sarah Palin $100,000 to speak.  She is putting the money back into the cause, but she doesn’t have to. That’s just Sarah being Sarah.

CNN did a poll and said 11% of the population was associated with the Tea Party in some capacity. I think that number is small.  I think we have a lot of closet Tea Party people.  People who think like us and will vote with us, who have not pounded the pavement, not taken a bus to Washington nor attended rallies.  I think the Tea Party is the voice of ‘we the people’.

We have birthers, truthers (people who think Bush was responsible for the 9/11 Twin Towers), people who are strong constitutionalists, some are against paying taxes, some want a ‘fair tax’.  I think they mean flat tax.  We have people from many church backgrounds, we have people of all colors; however the majority are white.  Most of them are college people. This shocks the left. They see us as toothless country rubes.  We have doctors, lawyers, military, police, nurses, teachers, preachers and in my case a broken down cowboy.  There are bankers and people who work with their hands. Tea Parties represent Americans of a broad spectrum.  We also have a few militia types.  Some strap on their guns to attend meetings in ‘carry’ states.  Unfortunately we have a few who make stupid signs, like Obama is Hitler, or a portrait of the president with a Hitler clump of hair under his nose. I suspect Joseph Stack, the dude who flew a small plane into the IRS building in Austin is a member. I don’t know that for a fact, but we do attract such people.  ‘We the people‘ are just that ‘the people’.

A word to the wise. DO NOT carry signs that will be shown on CNN and MSNBC.   They love to target hate signs. Choose signs that pass the test of not being a fringe nutcase.  The liberal news is looking for you to imply everyone at the meeting is calling the president a NAZI.  Use your head and not your heart when you are in public. You represent ‘we the people‘.

We are one voice where it comes to our government. We all want less government.  We want less taxes, We want fiscally conservative leaders. We want a strong military and secure borders.  We want the freedom to worship God. We want America to be like it was before the radicals took over.  There is a lot of unity in the Tea Party Movement, but there is no single leader and frankly I like it like that.  My voice is as good as the next man and no better than my neighbor.

My prayer is there is no push for a third party candidate. As we are now we are the voice of ‘we the people‘. We are not a machine. We are millions of Americans all pulling the same rope.  We are pullers, let’s not make that spirit into a political machine and become like the Republicans and Democrats.

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Obama watching the Super Bowl


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