Sarah Again

Frankly I’m tired of seeing Sarah Palin trashed. The Television Show The Family Guy, which I have never watched, recently did a hatchet job on her.  They had two characters with Down Syndrome do a skit, where the girl in a jumbled voice says her mother had been governor of Alaska.  This was a crude slam at Sarah and Todd’s Down Syndrome child.  How low can the left go?  It’s clear they will go very low.

Everyday I either see newspaper articles or blogs saying how stupid Sarah is.  I’ll bet my boots, my best boots her college grade point average was far superior to the president.  Of course that is a bet I’ll never have to pay, because the president will not let us know his grades.  In fact we don’t have any evidence he was ever at Columbia.

Sarah wrote some key words on the palm of her hand in Nashville where she addressed a standing room only crowd at a Tea Party gathering.  Nine years ago Barbara Boxer did the same thing in California. had the story. When Barbara did the hand thing, it was called cute.  When Sarah did the hand thing the left said it was because she is stupid.

How soon the Democrat bunch forgets what troubles Ted Kennedy had in school or what low grades Al Gore and John Kerry made. We all know George Bush made better grades than either Gore or Kerry and the Democrats call Bush stupid.  Where does that leave Gore and Kerry, imbeciles???

Sarah went to the Daytona 500 Race and got a standing ovation from all the drivers and crew members.  She was mobbed.  Everyone wanted an autograph or a picture with her. She was down there to address the Chamber of Commerce. The NASCAR folks love her.   Even a very liberal blogger had to admit she had never seen so many people stand in the freezing cold to get a chance for her to sign their copy of Going Rogue.

Joe the Plumber has pivoted on his statement he would not vote for her if she went and made a talk for John McCain.  He now said he overreacted. For those of you who are upset she is speaking for McCain, get over it.  She had no choice.  If she didn’t go then there would have been those questioning her loyalty.  She was in a no win situation. Damn her if she goes, damn her if she doesn’t.  Either way she is wrong in the eyes of many.  What I like about her is she does what she thinks is right, come hell or high water.  She is true to what she believes. She sees John McCain as an American hero first and politician second.

Even 22% of those who say she is not qualified to be president say they would rather have her running the country than Obama.  I don’t know if she will run for president, but I do know if she does there is no one in the Republican party who can beat her.  If the primary was today she would walk away with the nomination.  I understand we are 2.5 years away and things can change.  To be honest I don’t see Sarah suddenly losing her charisma. Or her ability to draw a crowd.  I don’t see her suddenly forgetting how to bring a crowd to its feet with applause. She will never win over the RINOs and left media, she doesn’t have to.  There is enough of ‘we the people‘ to get her elected.  You better open your minds, because you are witnessing a political phenomena.  Will she run?   I doubt it.  I know she won’t unless the people force her to.   Email:


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