Dogs and More Dogs

Will Cooper stirring up dust, earning a living the easy way.

I’m going to  have to take a mortgage out on the ranch to pay for these new dogs. Who would have thought taking in a starved stray with six pups would have turned out to be so expensive?  My first idea was the best; a few shotgun shells or else one shell on the mama and let the owls take care of the rest.  I had the mama “fixed.”   No more puppy factory.  I had to get them shots, wormed and the Lord only knows what else. I’m scared to get the vet’s bill.  I may have to sell some livestock to cover it. Now I’m buying special dog food. I swear I’m starting to feel like a liberal.  I’m keeping them in the big barn for now, but that mama is ready to get out and stretch her legs. I think she wants to get away from those yapping pups.

I made a mistake and let the twin’s kids see the pups. Now their dads are not speaking to me.  This may end up costing me two very good workers.  You know the twins won’t be able to tell their kids NO to a pup and every time one of those little dogs chews something up they will blame me.  I don’t know how old the pups are.  Two or three weeks I guess.  One of my eBay family raised dogs and told me to wean them when they reach six weeks.  So if my guess is right I have about three more weeks before the twin’s kids start taking pups home.  I’m going to try to limit them to two dogs per family…but it’s looking like the kids each have their hearts set on three. They’ve already given them names. That leaves the old lady and I know I can get a spot at the nursing home for her.  She is solid white, now that she has been bathed.  I know that really makes me sound like a liberal. Bathing dogs…that’s the last straw.  But I didn’t want my barn cats getting their fleas.  Anyway she has a big brown spot about the size of a coffee cup above one eye so I’m calling her Dot.  The pups are white with several brown spots.

Bandit doesn’t know what to think of the little dogs.  He looks at the mama but has yet to venture close enough to sniff.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and I’m stuck here with seven stray dogs.  I need to be blogging about the world crisis and yet I felt compelled to dump my dog story on you. Thanks for listening.

A doctor friend emailed and asked if I knew what men do when they got out of bed at midnight?

5% get a glass of water.

12% use the bathroom.

83% go home.



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