Lets Get Real

Welcome to Obama’s world.  This photo is of the FIRST Great Depression but we are almost back there again.

The president and vice president are on television everyday telling America what all they are doing for us.  How they won the war in Iraq and the economy is back on its feet. They explain how lucky we are to have them as our leaders. There is just one problem with all those platitudes, the numbers tell a different story.  I doubt anyone really believes this current administration has done wonders in Iraq. Bush’s surge is what turned that tide. So case closed on that topic.  Now let’s examine some numbers from the liberal, Obama loving New York Times.  2.7 million people will lose their unemployment checks this April, unless the president drags out more government money.  I suspect he will fund the unemployment, the guy just loves to spend.  He went to Las Vegas to help Harry Reid and announced a $1.5 Billion housing bill.  The last huge lump of money he spent on houses did nothing.  In six months after being bailed out 66% of the ‘helped’ home owners are in default.  Another 25% of those bailed out  lasted less than three months.  There are 6.3 million who have been without a job longer than six months. So much for the stimulus money. The smart people say it will be years before people have jobs.

The stimulus money made no real jobs. It provided raises for union workers and went to make payrolls.  What is going to happen to those who got a government assisted paycheck next year when there will be no government grants?  The new jobs went to government employees.  No administration has such a large government payroll.  If you make $40,000 a year in the private sector, go to work for the government and double your income.  According to the New York Times we have over 15 million people without a job and NO prospects of getting one.  Yet the president is still trying to RAM the failed Healthcare bill down our throats. He needs to get real about jobs instead trying to build a monument to his presidency, by passing a healthcare bill most Americans don’t want.

It’s bad, people need jobs. In El Centro, CA according to government figures the unemployment is 27.7%.  This is Nancy Pelosi’s part of the country. In Merced CA it’s 20% and in the entire state of Michigan the unemployment is 14.6%.  It’s not much better in Rhode Island.  If you add in those who have stopped looking for a job you can add 40% to those numbers.

Remember during the depression, the shanty towns and cardboard houses were called Hoovervilles.  Someone suggest we need to begin putting up Obamaville signs on the tent cities and places where the homeless hover.  The sign should read:  Welcome to Obamaville, where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the taxes get higher everyday.

It’s crystal clear from where I stand, we have to make real change in the House and Senate this November. We have to vote out the big spenders, Republican and Democrat. We need a conservative president in 2012.  Make this guy one and done.  Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

This sign pretty much says it all.  Thanks to my friend from way up north for sending me this image.


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