Bifurcate the Tea Party!

I’m a new, kinder, gentler guy. Here are some flowers to prove my softer side. I’m responding to all the compliments you sent for my treatment of the dogs.

Bifurcate is one of those four bit words not used much around this ranch.  I just can’t see myself telling the twins, “Boys, go bifurcate them there cows.”   Since I’m not Ivy League educated, maybe it would be more fitting for me to say split or fork.  I have a sneaking feeling this is what is about to happen in Las Vegas.  There is some skullduggery going on.  Someone is trying to split the Tea Party out there. Here is what is about to happen.  Barry Levinson, a Democrat lawyer, who is also associated with a Las Vegas Tea Party (registered member) is wanting to help his friend run for the US Senate.  Levinson, secretary of the Tea Party of Nevada, said he “represents the candidate” and wants to help him get elected.  I think this is BS.

I smell Democrat all over this.  Right now Danny Tarkanian (son of the famous basketball coach)  or Sue Louden (very wealthy conservative woman)  are running way ahead of Harry (Dingy) Reid.  Toss in a third-party candidate and that might be just enough to split the republican vote and have Harry standing in front of us at least six more years.  It might be twelve or eighteen if we don’t get rid of him now. We can vote him out of office in November, but not if there is a strong third-party candidate.   I put nothing past the Democrat bunch.  I suspect Barry Levinson is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He pretends to be a Tea Party kind of guy and gets elected secretary.  He is biding his time and going to meetings to work on his plan to re-elect Reid.  I think this was planned the moment the first poll came out showing Harry running behind.  With a name like Barry you know he can’t be trusted. (smile)

The candidate Levinson is talking about is Jon Scott Ashjian.  When asked, Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation said, “I never heard of Jon Scott Ashjian.”  The Tea Party Nation is holding its second convention July 15-17.   Phillips also commented, “The Tea Party movement is very successful; therefore I’m not shocked that opportunity seekers would try to take advantage of what’s happening. I’m also not surprised at anything Harry Reid’s people will do to get him back in Washington.”

Give Sarah Palin credit. She has been preaching no third-party.  Sarah will speak at Searchlight, NV March 27th.  She is not being paid to speak.  For those of you not acquainted with Las Vegas, Searchlight is a suburb.  This meeting will be for the Tea Party Express to stop and give support to conservative candidates, spreading the voice of freedom.

Oh, by the way, I got rid of the dogs.  No I didn’t kill them. The wife of one of the twins took them off my hands. She and the kids will care for them much better than I can. I’m pretty busy on the ranch.  We are dropping calves, left and right.    I will buy the dog food till they split the pups and find a home for mama. It was amazing what a few days of food did for her. She came alive and was jumping up on me when I went into the barn. I almost got attached to Dot…note: I said almost (smile).



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