Dead Dogs!!!

Oil Painting by Will “Hard-head” Cooper

I posted yesterday’s blog early because I had to drive down to the Mexican border. My old friend who I helped keep illegals off his property called one of the Twins and asked me to come down.  It was not a happy visit.  Someone fed two of his dogs meat laced with poison. He found them dead close to the border.  The old man was almost in tears. He had the other dog penned up.  He was reluctant to let that dog out and I certainly understand.  Bless his heart, he really got attached to them.  He has a big fenced backyard, so I suggested he let the dog have the freedom to run around there. No one will venture that close to his home. If they did he would blow their heads off.  I doubt if he would even report the incident and just bury them in a shallow grave.  He is one angry man.

I don’t know if my new scheme will work, but it’s worth a shot. I told him to get his tech smart grandson to record the remaining blood hound doing his thing.  Then slow down his voice and speed it up on the  tape.  I guess they use CDs now.  This will make it sound like three dogs.  Then set up speakers along the border.  The kid can rig a small solar panel to generate power for these speakers. The grandson will need to put them on timers so the voices seem to be moving the length of this ranch.  Trust me, they think I’m a genius!  Whoever killed the dogs will think the old man replenished his stock.  I’d bet my boots, my best boots the speakers with dogs howling will work (smile).

By the way the new polls say over 50% of the Mexicans in Texas are now conservative.  I knew my Twins were Reagan people, but now it’s looking like many other Mexicans know the truth. All the Democrat bunch cares about is their vote.  So much for Obama’s plan to make 20 million illegal aliens legal so they could vote.  He may find them voting Republican.

I took Lex down to the Mexican border. She grew up here and had never been to that area. She charmed the old rancher.  He insisted we stay for ‘supper’.  I have never seen so much food.  We didn’t get home till almost 2am.  Lucky for me her parents knew we would be late. I didn’t want her dad to drag out a shotgun.  Life on this old ranch never is dull. I feel pulled apart.  I have to care for the livestock, but I want more time to paint and I’m compelled to blog.  Some days over 450 people  are reading the words I write. Thank all of you who are spreading the message. I do my best to write things interesting to read. I hope at times I don’t get too personal.  I’m not sure my love life is all that glamorous.

I TIVOed the sham of a Healthcare Summit. What a farce!!!  According to Fox News Obama spoke for 30% of the time and he wonders why the Republicans are not falling all over themselves to vote on his bill.  At one point the Democrats had talked 52 minutes and Republicans 24 minutes. Mercy, had John McCain been as tough when he was running for President he would have won in a landslide. It’s a side of John I’ve never seen.  There is no way to score the debate, but from what I saw the Republicans showed themselves proud.  So far I like what I heard from the right.  Frankly, it was a waste of time and I don’t think Obama won any points with the public. He was down right rude at times reminding them he was the president. Dumb Republicans didn’t even know that. Even liberal CNN said only 25% of the people want the current healthcare bills.  I frankly didn’t like the president scolding Eric Cantor for bringing a copy of the House bill.  Obama said we don’t need any props.  Give me a break.  Who is he to scold?  Let those who live in glass houses be silent. This Obama health thing is like trying to drag an elephant up Mt. Everest. A Republican elephant.


Joe and the President at the Summit. Is the Prez giving the Republicans the bird?


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