Obama’s Body Language

The President does this a lot.

I call myself a rancher, but deep down I’m just a horse trader.  The word around here is you don’t want to trade horses with Will Cooper, he will take your horse, saddle and spurs if you are not very careful.  I’ll admit I go into a trade with the idea of winning.  Trading is not charity.  I was horrible when I first started, but either by the hand of God or as some of you might say, fate, I was talking with a baseball scout and he told me all about a young kid. I saw nothing unsual about the boy. My scout friend made a statement that stuck with me, “50% of all communication is non-verbal.”  He was talking about reading body language. From that day forward I put my effort into reading body language.

For instance when shaking hands. If your palm is facing up you are telling the other person I’m easy. I will not fight you. On the other side if your palm is facing down you are in the power posistion. This is also a touch move.  With women I always have my palm up (smile).  You want her to know you will be gentle. If you need more power then use your other hand and place it on top of theirs. I’ve won many trades with this simple move.

When talking point your belly button like a lazor at them.  If they turn their belly button away from you then you have more work to do to get them to trust you. Learn to observe the belly button. When I used to go dancing I judged if the girl liked me by the direction she poised her belly button.  If it was pointed at me then I knew I was making progress, but if she was smiling and joking, but her belly button was pointed away, I may as well move on.  Trust me on this, I can read you like a book without you saying a word. I know your body will speak the truth while you might say anything with your words.

Last night I watched the Obama Summit on TIVO. I did catch some of the Olympics, but my main interest was observing the men at the table. Eric Canter spoke with his hands open and he moved so his belly button was shot straight at the president.  Open palms means I’m telling you the truth.

When he was talking the president’s hand went up to his face. He placed two fingers on the side of his face. I showed that image yesterday.  He was flipping Eric the bird.  The president was angry and his hand to the face proved it.  His lips became pencil thin, another sign of anger.  At one point the president placed his finger over his lips.  He was preventing himself from saying something that later would be on the evening news.  Hands to the face means several things: disagreement, frustration, resentment, discomfort and arrogance. It was crystal clear the president was all of those things.  His hand was constantly raised to his face.  He reminded John McCain that he, not John, was president.  That made him sound like a spoiled child. I think most of the men in the room knew he was president, especially John.

Several times he sat with both hands together made into a fist, with his eyebrows pulled down. These signs show boiling rage inside and extreme contempt for the person speaking. I read an article sometime back that the author thinks the president suffers from IED.  Yes, it’s a disease, Intermitted Explosive Disorder. About 16 million Americans suffer from this disease.  If not treated the patient, with the smallest provocation have bouts of fits of rage.  I saw the president have several fits of rage yesterday during the meeting.  I’m not a shrink, but it’s clear the man has no control over anger.

Space doesn’t permit me to teach you how to read people, but if you will notice Obama placed Joe on his right. He was comfortable with his VP being on his right.  Joe is weak and no threat to steal the show from the president. I enjoy driving because my guest is on my right side.  When trading horses I try to work my way to the poor guy I dealing with, to his right side.  Obama needs a body coach.  If I had been sitting in his spot I would have made a pyramid with my hands.  The sign that looks like we are praying is the most powerful move you can make during negotiations. It says I’m in charge.  Sorry for being so long…one day I guess I need to write a book on this stuff (smile).   Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

I love this cartoon has Ronald Reagan patting the GOP on the back after the Summit.


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