W.A.I.T. ???

He is the ‘One’ and no peon Senator or Representative is going to tell him what to do.

I apologize to those of you who understand proper English grammar and can hold your own in a Spelling Bee.  I’m not in your class. I’m an under-educated, over opinionated, broken down Texas cowboy with a mind ripe with thoughts. If I wait till I’m perfect in writing techniques I’ll be too old to see the keyboard (smile).   I do my best and even if my best is not perfect I’m still doing something and not sitting on the bench.  I may not be the best player on the field, but no one works harder or longer at trying to keep the message on the Internet.

One of the first thing I learned about horse trading was the acronym W. A. I. T.  It means Why Am I Talking! Whose voice do you think the client wants to hear, his or yours?  That’s a no brainer, he wants to hear himself talk. I’ve made my best trades without saying many words. I let them talk and when we are finished they think I’m brilliant. The sweetest music they can hear is their own voice. Remind yourself when you are on an interview, meeting someone new or even buying a car.  Here are the keys to good questions. Ask how, what and where. Don’t ask why unless you want an argument.

How did you learn I have horses to trade?  What is your reason for a new horse?  Where will you be using him?  W A I T and how, what and where is all you need to know about selling.  After you ask a question you must shut up. The first person to speak loses.

The president doesn’t know these simple facts.  He spends too much time telling and not near enough listening  For instance, during the summit those in attendance talked for 343 minutes. Had the president been a W. A. I. T. kind of guy the Republicans would have spoken 160 and the Democrats 160.  But the president is so insecure he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. According to CNN the amount of minutes each spoke are as follows:

Obama spoke       119

Democrats              114

Republicans        110

Is it any wonder the Republicans were not swayed by his charms? The president showed it was his way or the highway.  Unfortunately the highway will be for the Democrat Senators and House Members who try to push his healthcare bill through.  Had the president been as smart as CNN and MSNBC tell us he is then he would have asked questions and waited for the answers. He could have improved his poll numbers had he appeared presidential, a statesman. Instead he came across as an angry child who if they don’t get their way they were going to take their toys and go home.  From the git go the show was all about him. He never opened a door for the Republicans. The Republicans addressed him as Mr. President.  He called them John, Eric and Ryan.  That’s disrespect for the office of Senator or Representative. He was trying to show power, but came off as arrogant.

The smart people are saying the president wants the Democrats to lose the House and Senate in November. That’s what happened to Clinton and he got a second term. Trust me, this president wants a second term more than he cares about Harry Reid and Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi.  Had the president simply stopped talking and listened, people today would be saying how brilliant he was during the summit. That is not what I’m reading and hearing, since he hogged the time, people are saying how insecure and angry he looked.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like spring in Texas everywhere I drive. These are roadside phlox.


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