The Coffee Party

I was able to find this photo of the typical left-wing, Coffee Party member.

The Coffee Party is a day late and I suspect a dollar short. There is a weak attempt by the left to copy-cat the Tea Party movement.  Some young girl got the idea to rebuke the Tea Party movement by posting messages about forming a Coffee Party that would stand diametrically across from the conservative Tea Party. She has had several people respond in a positive manner, asking to be part of her group.  From my lips to your ears, they will amount to nothing.  They may have a few rallies, but there is no passion or anger that is driving ‘we the people’ to the Tea Party movement.  We have millions of people who are part of the spontaneous Tea Party Movement.  But Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi says we are not real.  Just wait till November Mrs. Pelosi and see.

I’ve seen the anti Tea Party rallies.  Most of them are ACORN people or paid Union Thugs sent out to disrupt. The Union Thugs use professionally produced silk-screen signs.  Whereas the real movement is making their own cardboard signs. Millions of people who never marched or protested are now in the fight. I don’t agree with Tea Party Members making Obama is a NAZI signs and such. Let’s be civil.  Obama is not going to murder millions of people.

Arnold, the governor of California, (I can’t come close to spelling his last name) is saying the Tea Party will fizzle out in a month or so. Arnold is a RINO of the most liberal leaning. He is supporting Obama and his liberal spending.  It came to me, Arnold has been sleeping with a Kennedy for a lot of years.  It was stupid of California to think he was conservative. Arnold and the Democrat Congress have bankrupt the most prosperous state in the Union. Arnold is begging Obama for $25 Billion in bail out money. Things are so bad in California that they have dog catchers driving around to find dogs without a tag.  Those owners will be forced to pay a heavy fine.  Instead of cutting the budget Arnold and the rest of the liberals in Sacramento continue to spend and spend.  There is no restraint whatsoever among California leaders.  I say God Bless you great Americans who live in the beautiful state of California. Unless you vote out the liberals and add fiscal conservatives this November your state will go bankrupt and America will follow.

Don’t  make the mistake of thinking the worst is over for America.  There won’t be any real jobs until we change the base in Washington. Almost 70% of ‘we the people’ want Obama to scrap the monstrous healthcare bill and start over, but he is so insecure he is going to keep on trying to shove a failed bill through.  He can’t stand the thought of having to let the Republicans have some credit in writing a bill that lowers insurance rates and is not a burden to the budget.  He had rather jam through the bill filled with bribes and kickbacks, that takes your ability to deal directly with your doctor away and cuts Medicare $500 billion dollars.  This means that old person needing a hip replaced will be up the creek without a paddle.

So bring on the Coffee Party…we tea sippers will crush you.  Our people are fighting to save America and you are trying to make a failed president look good. I want to warn the Democrat lemmings, vote for the Nuclear Option where only 51 Senators have to affirm and you will be out of a job this November. Even if Obama appoints you to an Ambassador post that won’t last but two years.  Obama will be gone in 2012.  Go on and form your Coffee Parties and see where it gets you.  The Tea Party is like a snowball, which is rolling down a steep sloop and  it’s gaining size as it picks up speed.  You ain’t seen nothing yet. I don’t know about you, I’m ready for November.   O, by the way, it’s Schwarzenegger. Bet he almost never learned to spell his own name. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

PS  I just read on that Senator Conrad of ND said the Reconciliation won’t work for Obamacare.  He should know, he is chairman of the Reconciliation Committee.  That’s why the New York Times was saying there would be no Nuclear bill passed. That’s your smile for the night.


Original Oil Painting by the Author Will Cooper


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