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March 31, 2010

I cannot send emails. I spent a long time on the phone with the internet geeks trying to get them to go. When the wind blows I have trouble sending emails. When it rains I have trouble sending emails. When the moon is bright I have trouble sending emails and when the sun is high I have trouble sending emails.  I’m stuck with this service. You city folks have DSL and stuff like that, but not us poor country slobs. In short I can’t answer your emails.

This is my 300th blog without missing a day. Maybe I’m the insane one for spending so much time writing blogs that have yet to get over 500 readers a day. 490 is not 500.  But I made a promise and my word is my bond. I’ll keep blogging until we win back our country and find a way to keep it safe.

We now know the 9 Christian Militia that were recently arrested was a show of force. These men were talking trash but experts think that was all they would have done.  One of the nine arrested was a FBI plant.  He had gotten in tight with the militia and coaxed them into making stupid statements.  The FBI guy got them to say what he needed on tape and then turned the information in. I think it’s insanity to think you can build a military of citizens to fight the anti-Christ, but this seems to have been their goal.

More insane is the two college students from Rutgers who went to Mexico for Spring Break. I don’t know about the northern papers, but the border states ran front page stories warning spring breakers not to go to Mexico.  Two best friend from Rutgers went to Cancun.  One of the boys decided to sleep on the lounge chairs by the pool.  A pack of Mexican thugs beat him almost to death. He is a limp rag now and hope for his recovery is slim.

This weekend in Juarez ten young kids were in the back of a pick up truck when some drug cartel thugs saw them.  All ten were shot to death. These were innocent kids with no malice in their hearts.  Mexico is the most dangerous place in the world.  Twenty one people were killed Saturday along the border.

I received a message defending the government take over of school loans, implying they would do a better job than the banks.  When has the government ever done a better job than the private sector?  The US Post Office has to send their important mail via Fedex to be assured it will arrive on time. By this time next year we won’t be getting Saturday delivery.

My main concern with the stealth way the government grabbed student loans is it cost 32,000 private jobs. I think the American people are tired of the government taking control of much of our lives.  There is a ground swell of anger and fear like I’ve never seen. The guy I sold my horses to had a new Toyota pickup truck.  He told me he looked at a Chevy, but didn’t want to buy from Government Motors.

The thing that keeps me driving forward is the hope we can clean out the liberals this November and cut off funding for Obama Care.  I  mailed a check to Michel Faulkner for Congress.  He is running against Charlie Rangel. Faulkner played football for the NY Jets, went to school at Liberty College and is a Baptist Minister.  We need to help this young man replace the crook Rangel.     November is our goal.  email:


The Mexican’s are Coming

March 30, 2010

This is Arizona rancher Robert Krecntz who was murdered Saturday by an illegal alien.

For rancher Robert Krecntz in Arizona they have already come.  Saturday night he was killed by an illegal alien.  During the night Robert went outside because his dog was barking.  The illegal alien shot the rancher and his dog.  The Border Patrol says the shooter has gone back to Mexico and they don’t know where he is.  Remember a year or so back another rancher caught 16 illegals on his property, holding them at gun point till the Border Patrol came and picked them up.  He told the illegals that he would sic his dog on them if they ran. The ACLU sued the rancher for an insane sum of money. The Jury acquitted him but the trial almost broke the man. God Bless Robert’s family.  Don’t expect to see this story on late night news.

I promise you this, if my dog Bandit barks I will go outside with my shotgun. If there is any killing it will be me pulling the trigger. I know enough to slip out the backdoor onto my large covered porch and scan the area before stepping to the open area. I’m aware each night the dangers of those flooding our borders.

On my horse selling trip a fire inspector came with the Oilman. I asked him about El Paso.  He told me it’s really bad, but the news media is silent about the carnage.  A few weeks back a drug cartel leader was gunned down on his front porch. He was living in El Paso and his next door neighbor was a Federal Judge.  The drug cartel is recruiting American teens from the area schools. I don’t know the number, but it’s sickeningly large.  Kids from good American families are being lured into the drug business at young ages. If a kid gets caught and talks or if he loses money or drugs he/she will be killed.

I have has some flack because I say Mexican. I asked my twins who help me keep this ranch floating what would they like to be called. They both smiled and answered, “Americans, we are American.”  Then I said what is your race?  “Mexican.”  They didn’t say Hispanic or Latino. Neither of them care for that kind of PC stuff.  In truth I never think of their race. I’m more concerned that I keep up with the daily pace they set.

The Border Patrol admits that 20% of those they catch are criminals. One said the reality is maybe as high as 30% because the criminals have more connections helping them get into our country.  AND Obama wants to give these people citizenship. Health care is taking control of our bodies and amnesty will provide the Democrats enough votes to keep them in power. We face real problems in the near future.

The Stupak 11 asked for $3.5 billion right after they voted for the Obama care bill.  Bart Stupak was holding out for more money.

The spitting and racial slurs said to be done by the Tea Partiers against the black House Members is a lie.  After dozens of videos, including Jesse Jackson Jr.’s, there is no evidence of either happening.  Don’t ever forget the Democrats lie.

May God be with us.  email:

Christian Militia

March 29, 2010

The Feds decided to make a show of power this weekend by storming some mobile homes in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.  They arrested nine Christian Militia members for firearms violations. I don’t know the real story and I doubt if we ever will. We are told the group made anti-Muslim statements or hate talk.  The Feds have a way of slanting things their way. Evidently these nine men were playing Army in the woods and owned several guns.  I didn’t know there was a law on the limit of guns a person can own as long as the firearms are legal.  The Feds found twelve guns in one mobile home and arrested the owner. I noticed all the stories spun by the Feds had two things in common, TRAILER HOUSES and CHRISTIAN MILITIA. The Feds make it sound sinister if you live in a trailer house and if you are Christian.  What galled me is they could have said mobile homes and there is no need to slam Christianity.  I suspect a lot of rapists and bank robbers are Christian.  Stories don’t say Christian Rapist or Christian Bank Robber. I think right-wing militia would have made the point. What about the truth?  A bunch of men were dressing up and shooting guns in the woods and waiting for Christ to return.

Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of arrests of right-wing Christian people who are angry at the government.  We will see a show of force to quell any who might say the wrong thing.  If you say negative things about Muslims it’s a hate crime in Canada. Ann Coulter discovered that this past week.  Eight of you have sent me an image of a big billboard that says, “Get Ready for War.”  Or something similar.  I can’t remember anything but the war part. I have said this is stupid. We cannot go to war in a military sense.  At each of the raids there were close to seventy Federal Agents to arrest one man.  The moment we started organizing an army the Federal agents would come out in force like we have never seen and crush us.  This is not 1776 where the militia were as well-armed as the British soldiers.  For us to fight the American Military would be like a sixth grade football team playing the Dallas Cowboys.  The small children would be killed in the stampede, trampled to death. So would we if we went to a gun shooting war.

If you want to fight then do it in the voting booth.  We have as much power as we need to take our country back one vote at a time.  Don’t send me stuff that talks about going to physical battle against the Federal Army.  I may be an old country boy but I’m not that stupid.  Let me give you a tip. The next time you get one of those emails that advocates getting your guns, delete it and write the person who sent you the stupid message and tell them you don’t believe in that radical talk.

One final thought.  Why have none of the Muslim militia training in Northern Virginia been arrested?  They train in Virginia and then go overseas to kill Americans. They are also being taught radical Islam so when they get to Yemen and Pakistan they are easy to train to be human sacrifices. This weekend Russia had two female bombers blow themselves up and killed several dozen people.  I’d like to see the Feds go after the real problem; the radical Muslims instead of a few Christians playing war.  You never hear of a Christian militiaman strapping bombs on their bodies and killing women and children.  Tim McVeigh was not a suicide bomber.  America will be hit hard before the year is over.  The Muslims have tried, but blundered.  The Diaper bomber failed to light his bomb.  One guy and his buddies were going to bomb 14 locations in the busy NY Subway but the leader got caught driving erratically, the cops did a background check after finding stuff in his trunk.  The smart people say a minimum of 40,000 people would have been killed had they been successful.  Next time we may not be as lucky.

I know this is a long blog, but I simply have to tell you about the two radical global warmists who were found frozen to death in Antarctic.  They went down there to prove the ice is thinning.  I feel sad for their families. One guy’s wife thought when he said Chile he was talking about food.  And these are the people who want to tell us how to live our lives?  It’s been so cold this year Germany is calling off the dogs on global warming.


I’m a Traveling Man

March 28, 2010

President Bush speaking to grade school kids. No teleprompter.  See image at the bottom.

I Drove five of my horses to a buyer south of San Angelo. That smooth talking dude stole my horses from me.  In fact his offer was much nicer than I had been willing to sell them for.  I make a policy to never correct a horse buyer when he wants to spend a little extra to own your animals.  The round trip was about 700 miles. I didn’t check the mileage before I left.  It was nice to see the horses sell, but there was something sweeter.  The buyer has a friend in the Oil and Gas business in Midland-Odessa.  When I say he is flush, I mean flush.  He just purchased a new company jet, because the old one had to stop in LA on the way to Hawaii.  His wife didn’t like spending the extra time filling up with gas in LAX.

The rich guy flew down to meet me. Seems my buyer had been telling him about my art. The Oilman talked with me about doing him three large paintings.  I quoted him $7,500 for a 30″x40″ and $12,000 for a 36″x48″.  He didn’t bat an eye.  He gave me his email address and phone number. He wants me to do him some sketches for his approval.  I guess if it comes down to me doing his work or selling a nice painting on eBay for under $200, he wins.  My mama didn’t raise a fool.

I’ll keep you posted.

Also I wanted you to know the Harry Reid plant who was running on the Tea Party ticket will be arrested Monday.  Seems he wrote some hot checks and it looks like he waited a day too late to switch from Democrat to Republican. He switched March 2nd and the deadline was March 1st.  So much for one of Harry’s dirty tricks.  I have no doubt the guy was being backed by the Democrat bunch to split off a few Tea Party votes from the Republican candidate.  I believe God has His hand in helping us clean house in November.

The Oilman and the guy I sold the horses to are conservative to the core.  I started it by mentioning Sarah was speaking in Searchlight today and they took over the conversation.

It’s late and I’m really tired.  I need to eat and shower or do I need to shower and then eat?


President Obama doesn’t dare risk speaking without his teleprompters at a grade school

Thank YOU!

March 27, 2010

Cover of my NEW book Love You to Pieces. The size of the book is 9.5″x 7.5″

I’m not sure I can express my true gratitude to those of you who read and forward my blogs.  Some days the blogs are difficult to squeeze in, but I made a promise to you guys two years ago that I would sit steady in the saddle until we took our country back. At that time I had no idea Mr. Obama would be THIS radical. I knew he was going to be bad for the country, but there was no way I could see the government take over of so much of our country.  My work is far from finished.

I also want to thank all of you who have purchased my murder mystery, Love You to Pieces.  Because of you I have already sold more copies than John Grisham did with his first novel.  But don’t get me wrong. I’m no Hemingway or even Mickey Spillane.  I’m sure  a professional writer could smooth out my rough spots.  You are not getting a big time publication, but a story told by a simple cowboy who stepped up to the challenge you guys put on me.  You are the ones who told me to write a book.

Holding a copy of the book last night I got to thinking about the old rancher with three cross-eyed daughters.  Since he was cross-eyed he thought them to be the most beautiful girls in the county.  I look at my novel the same way.  It may be a little cross-eyed, but it’s my cross-eyed murder mystery (smile).   I have not shown the book to anyone down here, including Lex.  I don’t feel comfortable bragging on myself.  It’s strange. I feel comfortable teasing with my eBay family, but when I’m with people I just can’t talk about myself.  I’ve seen too many braggarts in my day and I never want to be one of them.

A few of you have purchased multiple copies.  THANK YOU!  A lot more of you have risked $19.95 to buy a copy.  I hope more of you do the same.  I put a lot of effort into the book and my reward is not the few dollars earned on the book but the joy of knowing others want to read what I’ve written.

To get your copy go to , search Will Cooper and them click the drop down Books.   I guess this is a shameless plug, but how else will you know ’bout it?


What’s Obama Done For Us?

March 26, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

It got pretty warm yesterday.  Full sun and 80 degrees, which is a tad hot when you are riding a big tractor. I’m planting some sorghum, the rains were too frequent for me to get all of my corn in the ground.  I was listening to the roar of the tractor and the rattle of the planter, allowing my mind to run.  I got to thinking, what has president Obama done for the country since he was elected?  The first thing that impacted me was the price of gas. Under Mr.Obama’s watch gasoline has risen $1.00 a gallon.  If you drive a Smart Car or Prius then you probably don’t notice the extra, but folks like me who use a lot of gas the 35% increase is felt.  Bumping along I remembered the president saying we needed a cap on gas at $7.00 a gallon. If gas was $4.00 a gallon then the Feds would drop on another $3.00 to bring it up to $7.00.   If gas was $5.00 a gallon then the Fed would only add $2.00.  Seems a Harvard study came up with the idea of $7.00 a gallon gas. This would stop people from driving and save the planet.  It’s part of the global warming scam.  It is a scam, Russia had the coldest winter in 30 years. 7 people have been killed from ice falling off roofs.  Unless we are successful this November we will see $7.00 a gallon gas, Obama’s gift to us.

The country is more divided than I can remember. During Vietnam we had a lot of college kids and liberals protesting the war, but there was not the vitriolic hate we see now on both sides. Back then it was a one-sided thing.  Congress squabbled, but today there is all out war in the House and Senate.  Mr. Obama has succeeded in dividing America.  I have come to the conclusion it will take years for our nation to heal.  He had been successful in bringing back the race issue.

The Democrat bunch that taunted the Tea Party protesters by marching across the street and through the crowd is telling a bunch of lies.  They are saying Tea Party People spat on them and called the black Representatives the N word.  What they didn’t know is dozens of videos were being made and not one of them shows any one spitting on a black Congressman or anyone.  No sounds were found with people making racial slurs.  This entire thing is manufactured by the Democrats to make the Tea Party people look bad. Nothing Happened.

What has Obama done?  He has taken over banks, insurance, some car companies, health care and now student loans.  When the Democrats added the student loans to the health bill they took away about 30,000 private jobs and turned them into government jobs.  Banks can no longer give Pell Grants.  Now that belongs to the government, where they will charge students 6.5% interest on money the government pays 2% for.  The government will earn 4.5% interest off students trying to go to college.

What has Obama done for us?  Increased the number of government workers and is getting ready to stop delivering mail on Saturdays.  I can’t think of a positive thing he has done for America.  He just insulted Israel, our best friend in the Middle East. He has decided to go soft on Iran. He caved to Russia’s missile demands.  The world sees him as a wimp and no longer fear the United States.  November can’t get here fast enough for me.   If you love America you will get involved in electing constitutional conservatives to Washington in November.


Obama’s new health care enforcers. You buy government care of these guys will knock on your door.

It’s Called FEAR!!!

March 25, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I may miss the exact breakdown, but in recent polls people were asked if they think America will fail.  If we will go bankrupt.  They are seeing a once booming economy in California having to give IOUs to its government workers.  People who  file their state income tax will not be getting their refund (over payment) for months. California is on the verge of collapsing and 79% of the American people believe the entire country is in about the same shape.  If my memory is correct the Democrats voted 74% that they thought we are going under.  Independents 80% and Republicans 81%.   People are scared.  I’ve never seen a nation in such a disarray. According to The Harris Poll almost 25% of Republicans think Obama is the Anti-Christ.  I’ve explained in several of my blogs that’s impossible, he may be anti Christ but he is not the evil anti-Christ.   67% think Obama is a socialist…me included. 57% think he is Muslim. This I’m not sure of.  I do know he is in concert with the Muslims over the Jews. He proved that this week.  Without question he is the biggest spender in the world. No one is a close second.

Rep John Boehner said, “The health care bill will ruin our country.” I’m afraid he is right.

I mentioned that the AG of Louisiana is joining 14 states in the fight to prove the new health care bill is not legal.  The bill cannot mandate to states that their people must buy insurance. A reader said Louisiana should not be concerned, they are getting $300 million.  According to the Democrat Attorney General from Louisiana the new health care bill will burden his state with billions in extra Medicare and Medicaid payments.  Most of the 32 million people being added to the rolls will be put on Medicare or Medicaid. The states pay for those programs.  The Fed will get the funding going and then dump the mess on the states.

Our governor Rick Perry was criticized for not taking a bunch of pork spending from the TARP bill.  He knew after two years the state would have to start picking up the tab. Next year Texas will be facing a $11 Billion short fall in the budget.  Many of you many not know, but we Texan’s don’t pay a state income tax and the state is business friendly.  In New York it takes three or four months of red tape to open a business. Down here in Texas, one day.  That’s why 40% of all small businesses in 2009 were started in Texas.

According to Bloomberg the United States is about to lose its AAA bond rating. We would be the first major country to lose such a rating and if that happens our interest on those bonds will go out of sight.  Is it any wonder people fear the total failure of our country?  The Obama health bill is said to be $950 billion, but they are leaving out at least $250 billion for the Doc Fix and some slight of hand accounting on Medicare.  The bill is closer to $2.5 Trillion which is being dumped on the biggest deficit in the history of the world.  Our young president only knows how to spend. He doesn’t understand how to make jobs other than add to the government payroll and pay those folks about 30% more than the rest of us make.

Count me as one who is frightened.  Unless the spending is curbed we will go under.  Not guessing, that’s a fact.  If I kept borrowing on this ranch and was not increasing my earning power I would go under.  The country is just one big ranch.  Next comes amnesty for extra voters and also an additional burden to the health care system. Then cap-and-trade which is a mammoth tax scam.  Finally they will go for a VAT (Value Added Tax).  OUR ONLY HOPE is a change of power in Washington.  We must be victorious in November so we can cut off funding for these entitlement programs.  No one is entitled to health care.  It’s up to us to take care of ourselves. The ERs are packed with illegal aliens. It’s time we arrested those who come in the ER when they are not here legally and deport them.  I hang my hopes on getting rid of the big spenders and stop the bleeding.  My fear is as real as yours. I plan to remain focused and elect people who don’t want to turn us into a welfare state.  email:

Answer this question. Where was the liberal press when these signs were being posted?  Bush’s head cut off and the other to bomb his house.

Don’t Panic

March 24, 2010

Bart Stupak is a traitor to the American people.  For weeks he swore he would vote NO.  A $700k bribe was given and he changed to yes.

It’s easy to panic when we look at the enormous amounts of money this Health Bill will cost and the extra burden on doctors. The numbers range between 20 and 30 million new people who will be given free health care.  I was talking with my doctor and he said he is already working at his limit.  He allocates 20 minutes per patient. He told me when the new people hit his office he will do good to have 5 minutes per person. He was really stressed.

The number of new Medicare and Medicaid patients that will be dumped on states will be a financial burden most cannot afford.  13 states have sued and when it’s all said and done that number will grow to 35 to 37 states.  The uninsured will simply be added to those two policies.  Even the Democrat Attorney General in Louisiana joined the fight. His state is hanging on by a thread and cannot afford to pay for all the extra people.  I think the courts will rule the health bill unconstitutional, but they may not.

If they don’t then we must do all in our power to elect constitutional conservatives this November. We need to win back the House for this reason.  In January 2011 we can vote to cut off funding of this massive socialist take over of health care. Right now I think it’s possible we can win both the House and Senate.  This has to be your number one goal. Give like you have never given before, work harder and smarter than you ever have.  It’s imperative we don’t get distracted chasing rabbits.  The November vote is what really counts.  It doesn’t matter what the Court does if we hold the majority, we simply cut off the funding.  This is a real possibility, if we don’t get discouraged and lose focus.  Fix November like a laser in your sights.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I do need to mention for this to be complete we have to vote out the most liberal, radical president in the history of our great country. With a conservative president, we can repeal this mess and begin working on a reasonable health bill.  It’s like a football game.  You want to score early in the game and put the pressure on the other side.  Then when the fourth quarter comes you suck it up and take victory home.  When we win in November then our job of helping Mr. Obama become a one term president will be a lot easier.

Stop all that talk of a third-party and for God’s sake stop the foolish idea of an armed revolt.  At least 8 people have sent me an image of a billboard advocating war.  We cannot win a war and thousand of citizens will end up dead or in jail. Our victory has to come at the voting booth.  It’s frankly stupid to talk about taking up arms against the government. I want no part of that kind of talk. That was the climate when Tim McViegh blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building.  Think voting this November, that has to be your main goal or else we will see health care as we know it vanish and services cut back.  You hold the power to make a real change. It’s your choice, sit and complain or get to work and elect some good folks.


A great many people who voted for Obama are now wishing they hadn’t. Are you one?

You Will Forget by November

March 23, 2010

Sunday March 21st you saw the fall of the Democrat Party, thanks to Mr. Obama.

Rahm Emanuel told CBS yesterday, “The tea-baggers will forget health care by July. They will run out of steam long before November. I know that bunch, they will go back home and forget why they were angry.”   He might be a smart Chicago mobster, but he knows nothing about the American people, because the TEA Party and 9-12 Groups have long memories. November is only 7 months away.  I know I will be still stoked come election time.  The Democrats had their Health-care vote Sunday night March 21st, we get our VOTE the first week in November.

I know Obama is not happy, but the American people will get our turn to pull the lever and this time we will vote in men and women with a passion to redo the illegal mess just signed into law.  I’m not a prognosticator but I’d be willing to bet the ranch we will see an even stronger passion come election day. People will be dragging themselves on crutches and wheelchairs to get to the polls and vote.  I have already made up my mind that I’ll take off vote day and drive people without transportation to the voting booth.  I know some nursing homes that have a lot of voters.  I may lease a van with a lot of seats.  We don’t need RINO Republicans but those with the character of Mr. Reagan. Okay, so that’s not possible, then let’s vote for those closest to him. Don’t even entertain the thought of voting for a Democrat.  There are no blue dogs, they are all like Bart “the traitor” Stupak. They promised to vote NO, but when they got with their clan they folded and voted YES on the largest tax bill in the history of the world.

Before the week is over several states, including Texas, will be suing the legality of the Obama Health Bill. You cannot mandate citizens buy a product or face a heavy fine. This is not constitutional and will be defeated when it reaches the Supreme Court.  Too bad Mr. Obama insulted the members of the Supreme Court at his State of the Union address.  I wonder if the Judges have a long memory???  I wonder if they are human enough to slant a decision against Obama.  Slant or not, the mess the Democrats pushed through now belongs to them and it will be proven to be illegal.  The smart people think as many as 37 states will file a lawsuit in the next ten days. Some like SD and VA have already written state laws forbidding the Obamacare bill.

Make yourself notes and place them were you will see them daily.  Remind yourself to stay angry at  how we have been treated. Instead of voting the people’s wishes, they voted how Nancy Pelosi told them.  For thirty years Bart Stupak stood for the preciousness of life and in one flash he joined the baby killers in order to please the most radical president ever elected.  Obama is the biggest abortion president ever, he believes it’s okay to kill a baby that survived the abortion and is out of the womb.  I won’t forget in November…will you?


Neville Chamberlain with his signed piece of paper. Squint your eyes and you can see Bart Stupak with his piece of worthless paper from the President.

Rage, then Realization

March 22, 2010

Original by Will Cooper. We need to wait for the dust to settle before we count the cows. Likewise with what happened last night in Washington.

When I first heard Stupak caved and was going to vote yes on the Obamacare Bill a surge of anger flooded my body.  Lex shouted, “He betrayed us!!!”  I felt the same rush of anger, but then I paused to take a deeper look at what just happened.  I asked myself, what is Bart Stupak?  He is a Democrat.  When has a Democrat ever kept his word?

If I owned a pet rattlesnake and started trusting the reptile not to bite me because we are friends I would end up dead. When dealing with Democrats you have to watch them like they were rattlesnakes. You read all the time where some snake handler gets bit.  He gets too careless and starts to trust the snake, which is always going to follow its nature.

Mr. Obama is writing us an Executive Order repealing the government paying for abortions. The problem is even high school kids know an Executive Order cannot change the law. Stupak knows this, but he used the Order as a way for him to vote for the Health bill.  Bart Stupak is not that stupid and neither were his 11 followers.  I don’t know what the others got for their votes but Stupak got $700,000 to build three air strips in his district.  Stupak sold his vote and 30 years of being against killing babies for a tiny sum of money. He will pay a heavy price when he shaves each day. He will know he sold life for a measly $700,000 and a slap on the back by the president.

I’m no longer angry at the Stupak 11.  They did what Democrats have always done, cave when under pressure. A lot of people are hurt because they make the mistake of trusting him. I’ve said all along he would cave when the price was right.  Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the votes until the Stupak 11 caved.  She needed 216 and finally got 219.  Had five of Stupak’s group stood firm the vote would not have passed.

The Obamacare Bill will be signed into law before most of you read my blog, so what’s next?   We need to make an all out effort to vote the liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans out of office this November.  Don’t lose that anger and rage you are feeling, translate that into making real change in November. We must get men and women who can undo this mess.

I think I can honestly say I gave this bill my all.  Considering what’s on my plate I can shave and say, “Will, you gave your best effort.”   My best was not enough.

There is one consolation, the president promised all of our insurance policies would go down $2,500 per person.  And we all know we can trust Obama. I’m going to phone my insurance agent and get my discount.  If you believe that ……… I have a beach to sell you on the backside of my property.