My Belle Michelle reported Obama’s doctor told him drink in moderation. Has the president been bending the elbow too much? He bet a case of beer with the Canadian Premier and had the beer summit. Sounds like he has drinking on his mind. The doctor told him to stop smoking, again. Our president has no personal discipline.

I’ve received several emails talking about Michelle Robinson Obama’s law license being revoked.  The emails imply that she did something horrible to cause the loss of her right to practice law. The truth is not what you want to hear, but for my blog to have credibility then I need to stick to the facts as I know them. All records say she volunteered to let her law license go into a sleep mode.  The regular fee for a lawyer is something like $260 a month.  If the license becomes inactive then the fee is $105.  I suspect since she was not practicing law she let her license go to sleep, like our computers do when not in use.  If there is something sinister there is no record of it. I can’t write what I can’t verify.

When Barack Obama became a State Senator, his wife suddenly found herself vice president of a big hospital, earning over $350,000 a year and on the board of Tree House, a Wal-Mart vendor.

It needs to be noted that Mr. Obama also cannot practice law.  Perhaps his reason is the same as his wife’s, but that I cannot be sure of.  I just know he has no law license. If you find some where credible that a crime is the reason, I’d love to hear. So for now I’ll just have to say he cannot practice law in Illinois.

Much has been made of the fact it took Michelle two times to pass the bar. I think it took Hillary three times…but maybe it was two.  I guess the bar is set high in Chicago. On the other hand, Rod Blagojevich’s wife has a level 7 law license and the governor couldn’t find her a job.  She is far more qualified to serve on the Tree House board than Michelle.  Rod thought he had a deal with the president. If he appointed Valery Jarrett to Obama’s vacant seat, Rod’s wife would be given a cushy job.  Obama got cold feet and out of revenge Rod appointed the corrupt and inept Burris to fill the seat.  Blagojevich knew the president understood pay to play and simply wanted to be taken care of for doing the president a favor. That’s just how it is in Chicago.

Rather than question why Michelle can’t practice law, look into the house deal she and Barry got from Resko.  The convicted swindler made them an offer of a lifetime. They paid about 25% of the actual value of their Resko owned house.  Resko tossed in the extra lot next door so they could have privacy.  Two blocks from Bill Ayers, the guy who no doubt wrote both of Obama’s successful books.

Look at why when Barry became a US Senator he directed millions of dollars of pork to the hospital that gave Michelle the high paying job.  Why has no one filled that job since she left?  The answer is simple. That job was invented for Michelle, so her husband would direct millions in pork to her boss.  It was a great investment for the hospital.

It will be interesting to follow the Rod Blagojevich trial.  We do know the FBI interviewed both Barry and Michelle.  Although there are dozens of photos of Rod and Barry laughing and chatting Mr. Obama says he didn’t know Blago very well.  They why endorse someone you don’t know?  I think the bigger story is the conversations Rod had with Obama and his people about the Senate seat.   Watch for a deal to be made…Obama doesn’t want the conversations to be made public.  No wonder Rod is out doing Reality TV.  He knows he is not going to do jail time. For him to go to jail the dirty trail would lead to the front door of the White House.  Email:

Let’s face it, this guy loves to drink.  Could it be he has a drinking problem?


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