Obama is Giving It All Away

Obama will soon make these guys a tribe so he can give them Indian’s rights. Read the blog and you will see what I mean.

First the president gave Indians $3.5 Billion for their pain and suffering at the hands of the white man. I guess he has never visited an Indian Reservation. I suggest he go up to Fox Wood in CT and take a look at their casino.  That tribe earns so much money every member of the tribe  has a beautiful home, they have a hospital and free medical care.  Fox Wood Rivals anything in Atlantic City.  Just take a look at Indian Tribes all over America and he will find they are raking in money at the same pace he is spending ours.  The last time I was in Santa Fe I counted six or seven Indian owned casinos in the area.

Next he gave black farmers $1.25 Billion for the pain and suffering they experienced from the white man, although that was 150 years ago.  Each farmer immediately got $50,000 and as soon as there is documentation of their tie to slavery they get another $500,000.

Get ready for it. Hawaii wants to split the state between natives and others.  There is a bill in the US House that will make the native (ethnic) Hawaiians a member of a tribe, thus Indians.  Hawaiians are about as Indian as me, but with a trick of the law they will be seen as a tribe.  Right now there are about 400,000 ethnic Hawaiians and they would own half of the Islands. They would have total power over their state.  I’m concerned the crazies in Washington might go along with this insanity. All government lands including Hickman Air Force Base would belong to the ethnic group.

The last time I was in Hawaii, ’bout 6 years ago, the best beaches on Oahu was taken by the natives. They had tents set up and ‘no entry’ signs. A white man went in at the risk of his life. We are hated by the ethnic Hawaiians.  They believe in 1894 we took their country by force.  They have a good argument, because US Marines did bring a gatling gun on shore to quell any who disapproved. Sanford Dole, of Dole Pineapple was made the first president.  The Queen was placed under house arrest for six months, although her husband was white as snow.

Next the Orthodox Jews in New York will become a tribe.  I guess technically they are a tribe…the twelve tribes of Israel.  If I were the Amish in Pennsylvania I’d get a Congressman to introduce a bill making my people a tribe. Oh, I almost forgot, Mexicans can file for tribehood and Congress will award them California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and North Carolina.  If we are going to make a race a tribe, why stop at Hawaii?  Let’s go all the way and make Mexicans living in America an Indian tribe. After all, many Mexicans can trace their heritage to the Indians from Mexico.  There is a movement among Mexican farmers to get their chunk of government cash.  You can’t do it for the blacks and not the Mexicans.

Frankly I don’t think it’s legal.  A race is not a tribe and no matter what Congress says that will be shot down by the Supreme Court.  I also think the constitution doesn’t confer power to make a race a tribe.

If this passes all the great Hawaiian beaches will belong to the tribe and you will have to pay through the nose to wiggle that sugar sand between your toes.

Where is the America I grew up in?  Not one black farmer living today was ever a slave. Not one Indian was trampled on by the expansionist whites.  I resent all these things. It’s time we voted that liberal bunch out before they give up all of our country.  Weren’t the Irish treated poorly when they came over here?  How ’bout giving everyone with an Irish sir name $500,000? Surly we can find a small state to give them.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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