Is He Deaf???

What about NO does the president not understand?  ‘We the people’ have spoken, long, loud and without cessation. Our lungs are raw from saying we do not want his Obamacare, yet he plods on as if we were vapor. He reminds me of a baby who learns to say something cute.  Parents love to show Junior off when there is company, but baby son grows up and the antics he did at two don’t play well when he is fourteen.  Mr. Obama truly believes with his voice he can move mountains and lower the oceans. He thinks if he can make one more speech he can sway us.   I think he believes it’s just a matter of him explaining things better and we will get it.

I’m a pretty fair horse trader and I learned early on I did much better when I kept my mouth closed and used my two ears.  I learned the art of listening, because if you will listen people will tell you all you need to sell them.  We want tort reform, not a $50 million grant to study tort reform. I think even slow talking, non-Harvard educated folks can figure out if the doctor is scared he will be sued if he doesn’t order a battery of tests. He can’t risk not buying expensive insurance. If he has a patient that dies of natural causes, but didn’t get that extra Cat-Scan or whatever, that doctor will be sued.  We have lawyers like John Edwards waiting to sue.  That’s how Edwards became a billionaire.

Here is the NEW Obama plan.  It’s the Senate Bill with the Cornhusker kick back, the Louisiana purchase, the special treatment for a few counties in the Miami area and sweetheart deals for the Union folks.  Then he is adding on a couple of Republican ideas, including a $50 million grant to study tort reform.  Study my butt, put a cap on how much the lawyers can sue for and you will see a lot of unnecessary tests eliminated.  Tonight Obama is bringing Rep. Jim Mathenson, a Democrat from Utah, to the White House to try to persuade him to change his vote.  If he will vote yes, Obama will give his brother a Judgeship.  Isn’t that illegal?  It would be if Bush had done that.

The House will be asked to vote on the Senate bill, with no changes. They cannot change one word of the Senate Bill.  There will be government paying for abortions and if the House vote passes the bill will go back to the Senate where only 51 votes will be needed for the Nuclear option or reconciliation. The key here is not one word can be changed and it’s the Senate bill.  The House will have to completely trust the Senate, which would be stupid, but they are Democrats.

To be honest I think a lot of the House Democrats will have a hard time voting for the Senate bill knowing they are voting for the Cornhusker kickback and all the other bribes in that bill.  As of today there are not enough votes in the House.  House Democrats know if they pass this bill it will be hung around their necks in November.  If Obama gets his way then we will see a landslide victory for the Republicans in November.  Keep in mind we only have seven more months before we make the change.

Let’s be honest. Obama doesn’t care what hardship the Obamacare bill will put on the medical profession, or what ‘we the people’ think.  He wants a new notch on his pistol.  He can say I did what no other Democrat president could do, I passed radical healthcare.

Folks, it’s time to write letters, make phone calls and send emails.  We have two weeks to let the Blue Dog Democrats know that they will be retired in November if they vote for this shame.



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