The Old Chicago Shuffle

Now you know why the droopy pants.  It’s generic, they have no choice.

I think we are about to be bamboozled by the Slick One in the White House with the old Chicago Shuffle. You can take the man out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of him. No doubt the brilliant work of Rahm Emanuel is behind this scheme.  They have us all worried about the Nuclear Option in the Senate when all along IF the House passes the Senate bill, all Obama has to do is sign the bill into law.  By divine intervention I had to go to the big city to pick up a couple of new tractor batteries and on the way back I listened to some of Rush Limbaugh’s program.  He mentioned all the House needs to do is sign the bribe filled Senate bill and the deal is done. They have us all worried about Reconciliation to pass the bill.  That is not needed, the Senate had already voted 60 votes FOR on Christmas Eve, that is before Scott Brown arrived in town in his truck. The House can finish the process and there is nothing we can do about it, except to make our House Representative know he/she lost our vote if they vote yes on the radical healthcare bill.

When I got home I made calls to my House Representative’s Texas and Washington office. Both young men that answered the phones were singing a different tune than they did last year.  The one in Washington told me Henry Cuellar, (my Rep) is against the Cornhusker kickback and all the other bribes. He is also against the government paying for abortions.  That was not his position last summer, but he may have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment when he faced a few Texas Tea Party people.  No doubt he is aware that if he votes for government abortions his Catholics will abandon him and he has a large number of Catholic Mexicans in our district.  He knows what we in his district think of bribes and kickbacks.  For the first time I feel positive about his vote. Maybe we have got his attention.

If Obama Healthcare passes and you didn’t make some calls then don’t come whining to me.  We have a chance to stop this mess, but it’s going to take us flooding the House phones. I think a letter is too slow and emails carry little weight.  It’s possible if Obama can bribe enough House Members they will vote on this bill next week. This is why you simply cannot wait to call.  This is an emergency and it’s urgent you make a call or calls.  Faxes will also work.  I know there is talk that the bill has to go to the CBO for the final cost, but that has been done in the Senate if the House just sucks it up and signs that bill.  Obama will have his healthcare and those who voted for it will be looking for work in January 2011.

I need for ALL of you who read this blog to get off your butt and start making phone calls.  That is the most powerful thing you can do.  It’s not too late to stop this insanity.

Here is what we are looking at. The far left is upset there is no public option in the Senate bill.  Stupak and eleven blue dogs will not vote for the Senate bill with abortions being paid for with government money.  One House Member said, “This  is all about 2012 and Obama’s election. He wants us to commit suicide.” All Obama cares about is what failure to pass the bill will do to his legacy. His re-election.  The House Members are peons to do the King’s bidding.

What they might do is wait till after the November elections and then vote for the bill. Many of them will already be out of a job and as revenge vote in what the American people don’t want.  The people wanting this bill are freeloaders who don’t work. Some of them are college kids draining their parent’s savings and others are on Federal Grants. You can bet the Welfare people are all for the bill. It’s people like us, who work our butts off that know this bill will do damage we may never repair.  Email

Texas Ranchers way of sending a message to the White House about what we think of Obamacare.


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