Original Oil Painting by the author, Will Cooper

It’s important you make phone calls, send faxes and emails to your House Representative and tell him/her to vote NO on the Obamacare. DO IT TODAY!!!   Please!!!

I have been trying to think of one word that best describes the president. The Twins suggested incompetent.  Lex said arrogant, which nails him to a tee. We have never had a president with his arrogance, but neither has one been so under-qualified. My vet suggested naive.  The old rancher at the Dairy Queen used moron, but I can’t go that far. I thought of vendetta. There is no question his Chicago training shows in the way he deals with those he sees as enemies.  But when you boil it all down, this guy is a talker. In his first  full year George W. Bush gave 50 interviews and Bill Clinton 53, the talking president has done 220.

For those of you down in my part of the country, loquacious means talking up a storm, wordy, long-winded, garrulous or rambling. Like a little blue haired lady at the church supper.  Let’s face it Obama is a rambler, or perhaps I should say a teleprompter reader.  When he went to Copenhagen he took 16 teleprompters.  He is like a drunk, who wants to make sure they have plenty to drink at all times.  Remember he took two teleprompters to speak to some sixth graders.  Here’s the kicker.  Obama has not held a press conference in 227 days.  I suspect the reason is the first one was such a disaster.  The press were not given a list of questions to ask and he got caught not knowing the answers. He kept saying, “I’ll get back to you on that!”

The problem with press conferences is you have to be well-informed on a variety of subjects. You can’t use canned and pre-sayings.  In one on one interviews Obama sets the rules of what can be asked.  The interviewer knows not to ask about his addiction to tobacco and his excessive drinking.  If they crossed the line that would be their last interview.

He thinks he can talk us into accepting his flawed Obamacare bill.  First of all he has no bill. We either accept Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s version. There is no Obama bill.  Over 70% of the American people want them to scrap the two massive bills in front of us and start over.  People want healthcare reform, but they don’t want the mess that is being pushed on us.

It may be too late, but Blanche Lincoln is now running against Washington. She has TV ads blaming Obama for the Stimulus Bill and this Healthcare mess.  Obama’s approval rating in Arkansas is about 20%.  If that high.

Bill Clinton was a talker, but he had things to say.  Obama is repeating the same pabulum over and over.  The media loves to say how smart Obama is.  Trust me folks, Obama is not in the same league as Bill Clinton. Bill was a Rhodes Scholar.  The other really smart president was Richard Nixon.  Don’t underestimate the smarts that W has.  Just because he said, Nu-lear instead of NuCLEAR doesn’t make him a dolt.  He never flopped at a press conference. He also tried to do one a month.  So did Bill Clinton.

Accept the fact we have a talker and not a doer as president. Keep in mind he has a staff writing what he says. When he speaks off the cuff he is almost as inept as ‘Plugs’ Biden. If he were a smart man he would trash can the 5,000 pages of the two bills, start over and this time not lock the doors 0n the Republicans.

Liberals, you need to face the fact we have a child trying to do a man’s job.  When he was young someone told him he was a great talker and now that he is older that’s all he does… he will be known as the president who talked his way into failure. Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

PLEASE DO NOT write me, I’m fine. Today a green horse fell with me sitting on his back. I banged up my ribs and both wrists. I know I’ll be as sore as all get out Sunday morning, but the cows don’t seem to care one way or the other.  I also plan to pick Lex up and take her to church under the big oak tree. It’s going to be a pretty morning, around 68 and some clouds. If you write I have to answer and right now it’s painful to type. Do me a favor, phone your rep or fax him/her. We have to stop the Obamacare. That is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than emailing me!


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