Natural Mendaciousness

A few nights ago I was watching Capote, a movie about Truman Capote who wrote In Cold Blood. I subscribe to NetFlix and the DVDs are mailed to me.  From the movie it’s pretty clear Truman had a crush on one of the men who killed four people in Kansas in cold blood. Two area lowlifes went into a Kansas farmhouse thinking the people had ten thousand dollars stashed. When only forty dollars could be found the thugs killed them in cold blood.  Later they killed another person before the Las Vegas police picked them up.  Truman came to see what all the excitement was about and ended up bribing the warden to allow him to spend a lot of time with Hitchcock and Smith. Smith was half Cherokee Indian. Smith was very well read and at one point he told Truman, “The justice system has natural mendaciousness.  Reminded me of Cat on a Tin Roof. Burl Ives said, “Mendacity, all is mendacity.”   I realize this is bigger words that folks in my area use, so for you living within a hundred miles of the Cooper ranch it means hypocrisy, disingenuousness, artificiality and deceit. As the locals would say, “a Bald faced liar.”

All presidents lie.  I understand there are somethings they feel the American people might not need to know. I’m not justifying these actions, but I understand why. When Bill Clinton was caught with his sperm on Monica’s dress he continued to be mendacious.  It’s like a cowboy who gets caught by his wife in bed with a cute little ‘thang’. He immediately asks, “Honey, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”  I can understand why Clinton lied.  That is what men do when they are caught cheating. It’s as natural as breathing.

Girls used to wear a lot of makeup and lipstick. When I was in college I was dating one girl and we were sorta serious, however I went out with some of my buddies and a young thang took a fancy to me.  I came back to campus with makeup on my shirt and lipstick on my face.  My first reaction was to come up with a cover story. After some grilling I confessed. There went a wonderful relationship.  I learned from that experience and never got caught again. After I married I was faithful.

What is troubling to me is we have a president who cannot tell the truth. Scores of times when he was running he said he would have the most transparent office ever. He was going to hold negotiations on C-SPAN.  Instead Harry and Nancy hand-picked a few Democrats and locked the doors. No Republican was allowed to enter. The healthcare bills were written in secret.

He has the left angry, because he said he would immediately pull out of Iraq.  He was going to close Gitmo.  He would stop lobbyists from invading the White House. Instead of invading, he moved them in. He has more lobbiests around him than any president in history.  He was going to balance the budget and stop big spending. But Obama has spent more than all the other presidents put together. He says he wants to work with the Republicans, but the only time he attempted was a planned photo-op.

He told the truth when he said, we will shove Obamacre down your throats.  He is honest about wanting amnesty for illegal aliens. He is hoping to get that done so he will pick up 20 million voters for 2012.  He could care less about the House and Senate members and their elections.  It’s all about him and 2012.

We can stop Obamacare if enough of you will make phone calls and fax your Representatives.  Tell everyone you know to do the same.  We got one shot at defeating this insane bill.  If we beat the Obamacare bill we will defeat him in 2012.  If this won’t motivate you to action then you are walking dead and just waiting to be planted. Email:


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