Now It’s Personal

About two dozen of the local ranchers and farmers met at my house to discuss the rash of small robberies.  Some of us are losing a few calves, others 4-wheelers or equipment. Anything that looks like it will bring some money in a Corpus Christi Pawn Shop.  We were unanimous on who we thought was responsible.  I didn’t have to bring up the guy’s name, he was on the lips of most of the men in attendance.  Lex’s father was the one to toss out his name.  He also came up with what I think is a good plan.  In fact he brought his plan with him.

Lex’s father introduced us to a 26-year-old Marine who was wounded in Iraq.  He lost a leg, but you can’t tell it when he walks.  He has worked extra hard to do what he can.  I’ll not tell you his name, but trust me you would love the kid. He is still a tall strong guy.

We each pooled in $300, some a little more and some a little less. We ended up with $8,000.  We are hiring him to follow the suspect.  We are paying him $3,000 a month plus expenses. If we can’t catch him in two months then the idea was not a good one.  The Marine has three brothers with different looking cars, his makes four and I suspect he could borrow his mom’s if need be.  He will switch cars so as not to be detected.  We have one thing in our favor. The guy we suspect lives on a dead-end gravel road.  There is only one way out of his house and that’s to drive two miles to a paved road.  The neat thing is that gravel road sends dust three hundred feet into the air. When he is coming our man can spot him in time to hide.

I honestly think we are going to catch him stealing something or cutting a fence to grab some calves.

Lex’s father and I went out to his house. He was not home, so we told his wife we were interested in his calves.  She took us to the pen.  That guy has calves of a dozen different breeds. I spotted my calves, but like I said earlier it would be hard to prove.  I know if I brought my cows out the calves would run to them, but legally I can’t do that. The sheriff can’t arrest him just because he has calves that look like mine.  After I saw what a herd he had gathered this whole thing became personal.  We are going to nail his skinny butt.

We think it’s our duty to put him away. A man like him is a bad influence on his children. They would be better off in foster care.  The wife is complicit in his crimes. She is an unfit mother.  A parent has a moral responsibility to not led their children into crime.  I know he has the older boys helping him.  Had he told us his need we would have passed the hat and raised the $8,000 for him instead of using it to catch him and send him to jail.  If I sound angry…good…because I am.  email:


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