The Dangest Thing

‘Running Wild’  painted by the author Will Cooper

Before I tell you my good fortune I want to mention two things being shoved at us. Today Rasmussen has Obama’s approval ratings at 43%. Rasmussen also said 81% of the people know the Obamacare Bill will end up costing more than the president is saying.  He is running scared.  Here are two new smoke screens to get our eye off the real issue  Obamacare. One: That RINO  Lindsey Graham of SC and Charles Schumer of NY are trying to push through National Identity Cards.  Next comes GPS chips under our skin.  This is to distract us from the real issue. Two: I’ve received at least seven emails on Obama using the executive order to ban sport fishing.  If this becomes law you won’t even be able to lay a trot line for the big catfish. But it’s a smoke screen. They want us putting energy into these two things rather than Obamacare.  If I were a betting man I would give us 40% odds of defeating this crazy Obamacare bill.  You can’t trust the Democrats to keep their word. Don’t count on Stupak and the other Blue Pups. Phone and Fax your Representatives NOW.

Late yesterday afternoon the bell at the house starting ringing. This is a bell I installed so Mandy, my ex-housekeeper could tell me to come in,  if she needed help or something important. When I got to the house my horse was lathered up. I had put the spurs to her flanks.  Lex’s dad was sitting in one of my King Ranch rocking chairs waiting for me.  By the way he and Lex have the code to my gate.  He cut to the chase, “Will, I think the local law has nabbed our guy”

I pulled up another rocker, plopped down to catch my breath, “Are you talking about the little matter we met about?”

“One and the same.  The idiots picked the Valero Gas Station to pull a daylight robbery. Remember the kid who is doing really good at the local roping events.”

I nodded an affirmation.

“He was in the station paying for gas when a couple pulled up. The oldest son jump out and grabbed the kid’s saddle from the pick up truck bed. Valero caught the entire thing on film. The sheriff’s men came and looked at the tapes.  They could see who stole the saddle as clear as day.  After they went out and arrested him, the son started singing. They called him a canary.  He confessed to a string of crimes, including your calves. I think if you took your mama cows over, the calves would prove who they belonged to. The sheriff wanted me to come over and tell you.  He knows you are too backward to own a cell phone.” Then he smiled, knowing he had nailed me. I hate phones. Cell phones are the most intrusive thing invented.

I’ll go pick the calves up tomorrow.  I think the group of ranchers will tell the wounded Marine to keep the money and use it to go find a full-time job. He is such a good kid. And by the way, Valero is the only service station in town with cameras.  I think the banks might have them and probably Wal-Mart, but that’s about it.  They simply picked the wrong gas station to do their dirty work.

Write faxes and phone your US Representative NOW. Your contact might be the last straw that tells him/her they will lose their seat if they vote yes on Obamacare. If we lose this battle then look yourself in the mirror and say I didn’t do all I could to stop them. You have been told.



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