This pretty much says it all. No one would post a sign like this against a true leader of men.

Leadership, you either have it or you don’t.  You can demand people obey if you have power over their lives, like a general over those under him, but that is not necessarily leadership. If you have seen the movie Hondo, with Paul Newman, you saw an example of leadership. He is a half-breed, the same as our president. Only Paul was half Native American and white. The stagecoach they are on gets hi-jacked and the horses shot. Hondo (Paul Newman) grabs his rifle and starts up a hill.  Someone shouted, “Why should we follow you?”

“Because I can cut it,”  Hondo replied, never looking back.

The group fell in behind the leader. Somehow in the brief stagecoach ride they came to the conclusion that he was a leader.  He made no speeches. He demanded nothing of anyone on the stagecoach. He was simply who he was. I think this is what we loved president Ronald Reagan.  We felt he could cut it, whatever IT was.

Mr. Obama made a speech on Obamacare in St. Charles, MO yesterday.  He doesn’t understand that leadership is not making 300 speeches on healthcare to explain what it’s about. The American people know what’s in the bill and no matter how many speeches he makes we will not suddenly change our minds.

Democrat Russ Carnahan, in whose district the event took place was a no-show. He didn’t want to be seen with Obama even though he voted yes last time. His sister, Robin Carnahan(D),  is going to run to try to take Kit Bonds (R) place in the Senate. You would think Obama would have wanted to raise some funds for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Also (D) Rep, Ike Skelton skipped the event.

The St. Charles event, which drew 400 people was a fund-raiser for Senator Claire McCaskill, but she is not up for re-election until 2012.  No other Democrat wanted to be seen on the same platform with Mr. Obama.  Can you imagine John Kennedy coming to town and most of the key Democrats staying home?  They would have come out for Bill Clinton. Kennedy and Clinton were men of leadership.

Unlike Hondo, Mr. Obama can’t cut it.  Even hog fat Michael Moore is calling the president a loser.  Moore is saying Obama is not a leader.  Howard Dean is singing the same tune. In the past the president could go to a House or Senate member and promise to come help them get re-elected, but today they see him coming as a political threat instead of a blessing. Mr. Obama is so self-centered he can’t lead.  It’s okay to think highly of yourself, but you also need to be humble.  General George Patton was a perfect example of a leader.  Men who served under Patton would have walked into the gates of hell if he asked them to.  In serious battles Patton never demanded his men march into the jaws of death.  With salty words the brilliant leader asked his men to serve their country.

I have to give the president credit for a job saved. Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson was about to be fired as basketball coach at Oregon State University. He had 8 wins and 12 losses, but then the president stepped in and gave the University $17 Million of stimulus money and Craig got to keep his job for this year. What a great country.

You wonder why thing are going to hell in a hand-basket.  The answer is simple. We have no leadership in the office of the president. All he knows how to do is read a teleprompter.



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