I’m Confused

Original Oil Painting by author Will Cooper

Okay, I’ll admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’ve done enough horse trading to know when I’m being suckered. If I got it straight, the parliamentarian has ruled that the House must pass the Harry Reid Senate Bill as is with its ugly provisions. No changes can be made.  They take the pig in the poke or nothing.  The House can’t take out the Cornhusker kickback, the Louisiana bribe, the sweet Vermont deal, the special Medicare setup for a few counties in south Florida and other deals that smell.  Then Mr. Obama would sign that horrible bill into law, with provisions for the government to pay for abortions. In others words our money would pay for killing babies. THEN  the Senate would get the law (signed bill) and make new laws to remove the ugly things. Which just ain’t going to happen.

The last vote in the Senate there were only 45 who voted to remove the government paid abortion part of the language.  The Senate would need sixty.  The House would have to blindly TRUST the Senate to ‘fix’ all that’s wrong with the bill like voting to remove all the bribes.  One thing the Obama administration is good at and that’s bribes, like the one they gave to keep a job for Mrs. Obama’s brother. Some Obama sycophants think this is not true, but those who know say it is. The Athletic Director was getting ready to fire him, but Obama stepped in and gave the school $17 million stimulus money and saved his brother-in-law’s job.

I know he is a Democrat, but Stupak has stood firm that he and about 11 other House Members will not sign a bill that has the Cornhusker kickback and government paid abortions. He has said this from day one.  Nancy is saying she has the votes.  That is not true. If she had the votes she would have already voted on this bill.  The Democrat leadership doesn’t care what’s in the bill as long as they get one voted through and into law. They have a warped idea that if they vote this mess into law they will save their jobs.  Talk about out of touch with the voters. The president, Nancy and Harry are not even reading the same book ‘we the people’ are.  This is The Silence of the Lambs, we’re the lambs bleating just before their throats were cut.

The president is giving out numbers of all the people who are dying without insurance. That’s a lie. No one is refused Medical care in America.  If a family doesn’t have money for an expensive cancer drug the drug company will supply them what they need free of charge.  I know of a local example where this happened and the lady was supplied what she needed by the drug company for free.  One of our local cops was very sick with cancer. He didn’t have insurance. Remember this is a small town.  He couldn’t pay the $45,000 in radiation and chemo. The women of the Baptist Church held bake sales and the Methodist Church had giant garage sales. Locals dropped money in fruit jars sitting on store counters.  We all gave and today he is back working.  Besides if  Obamacare is signed into law, it won’t go into effect for 4 years.  There is no urgency to get this deal done.  We need to stop and involve the Republicans and fix what needs to be fixed. We do not need a total government take over.

Exit question: Why is it okay for Barney Frank to be an open homosexual and others in Congress get booted out?

email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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