Do I HATE Obama???

He started with so much promise, but his ideology got in his way of being a great president.

The question, why do I hate Obama, was posed to me by a sycophant and Obama lover.  It’s a sound question, because I do hammer what the president is doing very hard in my blogs. I can see why he and others may think I hate the president.  Believe me when I say this. I don’t have it in me to hate anyone. I don’t even hate the men who killed my wife and unborn child. I don’t hate Castro and Chavez.  I don’t hate Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. I don’t hate Matt Damon, but I can say for sure I think he is all wrong about America. I don’t hate Joe Biden. Frankly I feel sorry for him.  I think he is the most inept Vice President in our history.

To hate is to have detestation, odium, revulsion and total disgust. I’ve never met the president; therefore it’s impossible for me to feel those emotions about him. I can say without equivocation I do not like what he and his munitions are doing to this great country. Look at the housing market.  We have 7 million people who are in danger of foreclosure on their homes. Most of those are already too far behind to ever get out of trouble.  If the recession was over they would not be in such deep trouble. Commercial real estate is in serous trouble and that crash is coming. The Obama administration is pushing as fast as they can to make us a socialist nation. They have taken over car companies, insurance and banks. Next are student loans and the entire health-care system of this country. I don’t like what’s happening, but to say I hate the president is childish and frankly a sign of ignorance. The post office is going to stop Saturday delivery.  It has not been all that long since we got mail seven days a week.  Mail needs to be privatized. We need a smaller government.

I’ve never called Obama, Hitler or a NAZI. I have said his mentors were Marxists and Communists, which it true. I have said he is the most radical man to ever be elected president of the United States. I don’t think even the most loyal Obama sycophant can argue with that.  He is still going to push cap-and-trade, even after it’s been proved global warming is a hoax and Al Gore should be put in jail for his fraud.  He wants to legalize immigrants so they can vote Democrat.  Unfortunately he has a RINO (Republican In Name Only) Lindsey Graham in bed with him on this.  Frankly I’m more upset with Graham as I am with Obama.  The moment it looks like illegal aliens will become citizens our borders will be flooded with Mexicans. We will end up with 25 million people seeking citizenship and if  Obamacare passes they will be given free medical. Our doctors are already over worked. Instead of 15 minute doctor visits we will be meeting with nurse’s aides for 5.

I just read Deerslayer. Great book with strong Christian values.  Deerslayer (Hawkeye) when offered an Indian bride or be killed said, “I was born white and Christian, it is not my gifts to mix marry.”  It’s not my Christian gifts to hate.  Hate only destroys the hater. The person being hated never feels that detestation.  I have no medical evidence, but I firmly believe cancer is caused by internal hate or resentment.  You hear the term, eaten up with cancer.  I think that is what happens. People hold their resentment and hate inside and it has to come out, in many cases that is through a cancer.  If you are prone to be resentful and have hate in your heart then I suggest you change that problem today.

I don’t hate the president, but I do think he is the worst one we have ever had in that high office.  He is a one term president, unfortunately it will take us generations to fix what he will break in four years. It’s looking more and more like the House will pass the Senate bill and if the president happens to be in Asia, a F-22 (our fastest plane) will be dispatched to deliver the bill to him and he will sign it into law.  The Senate will not get that bill again.  We will be stuck with the most destructive piece of law to ever be conceived. Keep on faxing and phoning your Representative. It won’t hurt and might help them vote NO.

Exit question. Why is Las Vegas unemployment at an all time high of 13.1%? Could it be because the president has scolded all who visit Las Vegas?  Answer, of course. He is totally responsible for the empty hotel rooms and casino workers being laid off.  Reid’s only hope of re-election is a third-party vote splitter.


A Kill the Bill Rally in Minnesota Saturday March 13th


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