Mexico is a Mess

The General sent me this. The guy on the bike looks a lot like him.

If I lived in North Dakota I wouldn’t worry much about all the violence taking place in Mexico, but I don’t live very far from the mess.  Reynosa, Mexico is a few miles across from Mission/McAllen in what we call The Valley.  The past three weeks there have been fifty drug related murders. Five journalists are missing, which means they are dead or will be ransomed. I think I told you a Mexican Military helicopter came into Texas airspace and flew around a home for about thirty minutes.  WITHOUT a flight plan or permission.

Since president Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa was elected in 2006 there have been over 19,000 documented drug related murders.  If my memory is correct more than 60 journalists have been killed or are missing. The reason they would not be marked as a murder is their bodies have not been found. No one knows the real number of murdered people, because the Zeta likes to put bodies in a barrel of acid and let the liquid eat up the evidence.  President Calderon will serve until 2012.  Mexican presidents get one six-year term. Mexico has already legalized personal drug use and that has not slowed the killing.  Some Americans want to make drugs legal over here, thinking it will stop the robbing and killing.  It’s not working in Mexico, what would make it work here?

In 2007 there were 70 rich Mexican families that moved their businesses to Texas.  2008 we had 140 and 2009 that number has increased to over 2,000. People down there with wealth are fleeing for their lives. Kidnapping is a sport to the drug dealers. If you are wealthy they will steal your child, chop off a finger as proof and mail it to the family.  The citizen is required to pay between $10,000 and $50,000. Much depends on their wealth. The mega wealthy will pay over $100,000 or the child will die.  Sometimes they grab the father and place demands. Kidnapping is a source of much profit for the cartels. Drug Cartels earn $38 Billion annually.

This month articles have been in the Texas news almost every day warning people not to travel to the border and under no circumstances cross over the river. I ran across a story told by a rich Mexican who recently brought his business to San Antonio under a special visa.  He has moved into a gated community out of fear the drug cartel will find where he has moved, come to San Antonio and steal one of his children. He has hired a security team to transport his children to and from school.  Those people are living in fear.

A local firearms dealer told me he can’t keep shotguns and ammunition on the shelves.  People are buying protection. I know that might sound paranoid to you a thousand miles away, but it’s survival for people in our area. As the war spills over the river none of us are totally safe. I keep my shotgun by my bed and my Army 45 on the night stand. I’m not the only one doing this these days.

Ciudad Juarez is totally out of control. This week there were three people murdered at the US Consulate in that city.  Last month drug gangs went into a private school and slaughtered 14 teens.  Six weeks before that drug killers broke into a gym and killed 13 kids. These are not drug addicts looking for a fix but drug cartel members. They are killing drug free kids.  Entire developments are springing up in El Paso to accommodate the Mexicans running from the violence. US Consulate offices will be closed in several Mexico cities by April 12th for fear of more murders.

Saturday in Acapulco there were 13 brutal murders, including five policemen. 4 had their heads chopped off. In the state of Guerrero, where Acapulco is located there were 11 more murders. That’s 24 murders in one day.  You won’t find me gallivanting around in that city any more.

What is our government doing?  They have done nothing.  They are pushing amnesty for illegals. The moment the bill passes we will have millions of Mexicans dashing across the border and many of them will be cartel members. The drug cartels’ next move is a battle for southwestern United States.  I’m at the epicenter.  Also not reported in the news is 87 times in 2009 Mexican tanks or foot soldiers crossed illegally into American soil. Trust Obama if you wish, I’ll put mine in S&W.   Email:


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