You Gotta Be Kidding?

This artist nailed the Democrats with this cartoon.

The president was giving a speech on Obamacare in Ohio yesterday. He is up to his old tricks. He had someone faint under his spell. That might have worked back in the campaign, before he repeated it, place after place.  Finally the liberal press had to say something.  He reminds me of a child that does something cute when they are two and it gets a lot of laughs. He tries it again at seven and it’s no longer humorous. How does the saying go, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I think the American people have heard about all the health-care speeches we care to.

I know why Obama suddenly decided not to take his family to Indonesia, thousands of people are in the streets protesting against him coming. They have large posters of him they are stomping on. The Indonesian people are making it clear they don’t want him to visit.  It will not be a surprise if he decides not to go because of “pressing problems” back home or he is needed in Tahiti. In truth he doesn’t want his car hit by rotten eggs and shoes. Remember the shoe insult to Bush? Well the Indonesians will be showing their disrespect for Obama with their shoes as he drives past.

But even worse than those two items is Hillary Clinton’s waste of our money. She has just ordered $5.4 million of lead free Swedish crystal. Even though Steuben, near her home town could have filled the order, lead free, with equal beauty. I think it’s stupid to be spending $5.4 million on US Embassies at anytime, but when we are in a cash crunch it’s insane. And then to spend it in SWEDEN? Why not help the US Economy? The Democrats just have to spend. It’s like an addiction for them.

Then this weekend Robert Gibbs was on Fox wearing a purple tie and purple bracelet. His buddy at SEIU, Andy Stern was wearing the same purple bracelet and a purple shirt that matched Gibbs’ tie. I have a feeling Gibbs was sending a message to Stern and the folks at SEIU that Obama was on their side.  He would cover them with this healthcare mess.  If you will recall a month or so back Andy and his gang laid down the law to Obama and they left his office with a better deal than the Cornhusker Kickback.  You do know SEIU’s color is purple???  What a country!!!

On top of that ACORN is trying to change their name so they can start getting Federal funds again. Down here a skunk still smells like a skunk no matter what you call him.  They are still going to be ACORN with a new name.

The most stupid thing said last week came out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth, “We must pass this healthcare bill so we can learn what’s in it!”  I have a feeling she was speaking the truth for herself. We know what’s in the bill and have already voted NO.

If the above stuff didn’t anger you this will. Mr. Obama has told the US Military to not fly the American flag over their compound in Haiti.  He said, “It would send the wrong message.”  This is the ‘NEW’ America we are expected to smile and accept. Make sure you vote in November and 2012. We need to change America back to where it was BBO. Before Barack Obama.

I have a bright young liberal reader who thinks if we call Congresspeople it will cause them to vote against what we are asking.  Trust me, if we had not been protesting, going to Washington and phoning them the health-care bill would have already passed. We stopped them back in August and a lot of Republican House and Senate members think we can stop them again. I came home at noon to make my calls and send my faxes and I’ll do it all over tomorrow and all through the weekend. This is our last chance to stop this insanity. PLEASE, I implore you to do your part. CALL and FAX. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.



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