Eric Holder Has to Go

Happy Saint Pat’s Day. This is green painting. Will Cooper

As many of you know, when the Senate was considering Holder for the Attorney General he was asked to provide all his legal briefs.  Holder held back some of his more egregious briefs and it’s only recently been discovered how he manipulated the rules committee. This should be enough to impeach him from office, but nothing will be done.

He was recently asked how would he try Bin Laden if we were able to capture this terrorist. His answer, “I would treat him an any other criminal. I would treat him like we did Charles Manson.”   Holder would read Bin Laden his rights and “give him a fair trial.”  Holder is such an ideologue he can’t see we are at war with the terrorists. Their only goal is to kill all Americans. That includes the sick, the old, children, women or whoever is left. Total destruction of our country and those of us who live here.  They are enemy combatants.

Now Holder has brought the al-Qaeda Seven into his office. These are leftist, radical lawyers who fought with all their legal power to set the terrorists being held in Guantanamo free. In 2006 the Gitmo guards discovered a slick booklet on the bed of one of the terrorists.  It was in Arabic. The book included professional grade images of what looked like terrorists facing horrendous torture. General Hood had the cover translated.  It read: “Cruel. Inhuman. Degrades Us All. Stop Torture and Ill Treatment in the War on Terror.” The booklet was published by Amnesty International in the UK.

General Hood wanted to find how the booklet got there. Majeed Abdulla Al Joudi, whose cell the booklet was discovered in said his lawyer gave it to him. General Hood soon found fourteen more copies that were being passed around.

Through the Freedom of Information Act the General soon discovered other breaches of faith on the part of the 400 American lawyers who represented these thugs. All from the top fifty law firms in America.  One lawyer was caught in the act of making a hand-drawn map of a detention camp layout, including guard towers.  Another lawyer wrote his terrorist client, “We cannot depend on the US Military to do the right thing” and conveyed his message of support to other detainees who were not his clients.  Some of the American lawyers were posting photos of Guantanamo security badges on the Internet.  Many of the radical leftist lawyers provided news outlets with “interviews” of their clients using questions provided in advance by the new organizations. One lawyer gave his client a list of all the detainees. Seven of these lawyers now work for Holder and will be trying the terrorists.

This is like a defense attorney who has represented Ted Bundy through all of this troubles and is suddenly asked to prosecute him.  The lawyer has an emotional bond with Bundy and no doubt would not put forth his best effort against his old client.  Holder has to go. It’s time Congress demands we replace this guy.

I received a long explanation from my Congressman as to why he is undecided on how he will vote on the Obamacare bill.  I’m sure his aides are working around the clock trying to calm those of us who are concerned. They just don’t get it.  If he votes yes the people of South Texas will increase our efforts to vote him out. He keeps saying he is a Blue Dog. Yeah, he voted for cap and trade and the House version of the healthcare bill.  He will vote yes on the Senate debacle.  You have two more days to make calls, fax, email and go to the local offices of your Representative to protest. We can still stop this mess from passing. As of tonight they don’t have the votes.  Let’s make sure they don’t get them.  Email:


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