Little League Baseball

I just had to show you the cover of my book again. I’m so proud of it.

We have a new Lutheran Minister in town. He has been here about six months. He has an idea and is telling anyone who will listen, even those who don’t care for what he has to say.  He came here from the San Francisco area.  I don’t know what little town, but I think it was Half Moon Bay.  He is saying we need to stop keeping score at little league baseball games. That all children should have the opportunity to play all positions and keeping score makes kids feel like losers.

News flash: 80% of the younger kids can’t throw a strike.  It would take six hours to play one inning.  Remember four balls out of the strike zone means the batter gets to walk to first base.  If a kid can’t throw a strike they may never get out of the first inning. I’m sad that some of the little darlings will be disappointed they didn’t win the game, but when they get in real life dealing with losing will come in handy.

I think the Health Care Bill has a 75% chance of being passed, or them winning.  We are down to 25% and even that is on shaky grounds.  It’s not impossible, but not likely. The Democrat leadership is buying votes left and right. We won’t know all the deals for a long time.

Writing this I’m reminded of a story a friend told me. He was playing baseball for Baylor.  His parents had never seen him play. His senior year he was an All American and they finally drove to see his team play The University of Texas.  In the bottom of the ninth Baylor was 9 and Texas 0.  Two outs and two strikes on the batter when the pitcher threw inside a tad too much and brushed the hitter.  He was awarded first base. Texas ended up winning the game 10 to 9.  So it’s never over till the fat lady sings.  I was back sending faxes today. I have to try. I know we won’t win if I don’t try.

And unlike the liberal preacher I think it’s important little league keeps score. Does he think the kids are too stupid to see how many runs they get and how many the other side gets?  Kids know. They also know when they can’t play quarter back on the Pop Warner team or throw a strike in Little League. In life we earn our positions.  I’ve earned this place with blood, sweat and tears. It’s not a perfect ranch, but I can hang my hat at night knowing it was not given to me.   If we win this Health Care battle you and I can sleep knowing we are part of the victory.  If we lose, we will dust ourselves off and face the sun tomorrow.  One thing for sure the sun will rise and God willing we will be there to enjoy the life he provided.

Thank all of you who have purchased my book.  It means a lot to me.  If you want me to make you a personalized bookplate drop me an email and the address you want it mailed to.


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