Rage, then Realization

Original by Will Cooper. We need to wait for the dust to settle before we count the cows. Likewise with what happened last night in Washington.

When I first heard Stupak caved and was going to vote yes on the Obamacare Bill a surge of anger flooded my body.  Lex shouted, “He betrayed us!!!”  I felt the same rush of anger, but then I paused to take a deeper look at what just happened.  I asked myself, what is Bart Stupak?  He is a Democrat.  When has a Democrat ever kept his word?

If I owned a pet rattlesnake and started trusting the reptile not to bite me because we are friends I would end up dead. When dealing with Democrats you have to watch them like they were rattlesnakes. You read all the time where some snake handler gets bit.  He gets too careless and starts to trust the snake, which is always going to follow its nature.

Mr. Obama is writing us an Executive Order repealing the government paying for abortions. The problem is even high school kids know an Executive Order cannot change the law. Stupak knows this, but he used the Order as a way for him to vote for the Health bill.  Bart Stupak is not that stupid and neither were his 11 followers.  I don’t know what the others got for their votes but Stupak got $700,000 to build three air strips in his district.  Stupak sold his vote and 30 years of being against killing babies for a tiny sum of money. He will pay a heavy price when he shaves each day. He will know he sold life for a measly $700,000 and a slap on the back by the president.

I’m no longer angry at the Stupak 11.  They did what Democrats have always done, cave when under pressure. A lot of people are hurt because they make the mistake of trusting him. I’ve said all along he would cave when the price was right.  Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the votes until the Stupak 11 caved.  She needed 216 and finally got 219.  Had five of Stupak’s group stood firm the vote would not have passed.

The Obamacare Bill will be signed into law before most of you read my blog, so what’s next?   We need to make an all out effort to vote the liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans out of office this November.  Don’t lose that anger and rage you are feeling, translate that into making real change in November. We must get men and women who can undo this mess.

I think I can honestly say I gave this bill my all.  Considering what’s on my plate I can shave and say, “Will, you gave your best effort.”   My best was not enough.

There is one consolation, the president promised all of our insurance policies would go down $2,500 per person.  And we all know we can trust Obama. I’m going to phone my insurance agent and get my discount.  If you believe that ……… I have a beach to sell you on the backside of my property.

email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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