You Will Forget by November

Sunday March 21st you saw the fall of the Democrat Party, thanks to Mr. Obama.

Rahm Emanuel told CBS yesterday, “The tea-baggers will forget health care by July. They will run out of steam long before November. I know that bunch, they will go back home and forget why they were angry.”   He might be a smart Chicago mobster, but he knows nothing about the American people, because the TEA Party and 9-12 Groups have long memories. November is only 7 months away.  I know I will be still stoked come election time.  The Democrats had their Health-care vote Sunday night March 21st, we get our VOTE the first week in November.

I know Obama is not happy, but the American people will get our turn to pull the lever and this time we will vote in men and women with a passion to redo the illegal mess just signed into law.  I’m not a prognosticator but I’d be willing to bet the ranch we will see an even stronger passion come election day. People will be dragging themselves on crutches and wheelchairs to get to the polls and vote.  I have already made up my mind that I’ll take off vote day and drive people without transportation to the voting booth.  I know some nursing homes that have a lot of voters.  I may lease a van with a lot of seats.  We don’t need RINO Republicans but those with the character of Mr. Reagan. Okay, so that’s not possible, then let’s vote for those closest to him. Don’t even entertain the thought of voting for a Democrat.  There are no blue dogs, they are all like Bart “the traitor” Stupak. They promised to vote NO, but when they got with their clan they folded and voted YES on the largest tax bill in the history of the world.

Before the week is over several states, including Texas, will be suing the legality of the Obama Health Bill. You cannot mandate citizens buy a product or face a heavy fine. This is not constitutional and will be defeated when it reaches the Supreme Court.  Too bad Mr. Obama insulted the members of the Supreme Court at his State of the Union address.  I wonder if the Judges have a long memory???  I wonder if they are human enough to slant a decision against Obama.  Slant or not, the mess the Democrats pushed through now belongs to them and it will be proven to be illegal.  The smart people think as many as 37 states will file a lawsuit in the next ten days. Some like SD and VA have already written state laws forbidding the Obamacare bill.

Make yourself notes and place them were you will see them daily.  Remind yourself to stay angry at  how we have been treated. Instead of voting the people’s wishes, they voted how Nancy Pelosi told them.  For thirty years Bart Stupak stood for the preciousness of life and in one flash he joined the baby killers in order to please the most radical president ever elected.  Obama is the biggest abortion president ever, he believes it’s okay to kill a baby that survived the abortion and is out of the womb.  I won’t forget in November…will you?


Neville Chamberlain with his signed piece of paper. Squint your eyes and you can see Bart Stupak with his piece of worthless paper from the President.


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